Objects & Places from Thirteen Reasons Why

Jay Asher
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Hannah's Tapes

An audio record of why Hannah killed herself.

Hannah's School

The unnamed place where most of the story's relationships take place.

Hannah's Map

The guidebook to Hannah's tapes, created to take participants to the scenes of crucial events.

Hannah's Home

A place on the map where Hannah once felt safe until events made it less of a haven.

Blue Spot Liquor

The place where Hannah had a run in with Ryan Walker.

Monet's Garden Café and Coffee House

A place where Hannah spent a good deal of time hanging out and writing poetry.

The Scribble Books

A place where customers can write their thoughts, observations or just vent.

The Picture of Hannah and Courtney

A token left in the Scribble Book.

Tyler Down's House

The place where Hannah hid in the bushes as she recorded a tape.

Courtney Crimsen's House

The place where Hannah's final humiliation...

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