Thirteen Reasons Why Character Descriptions

Jay Asher
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Clay Jensen

This character is the protagonist of the story; the character is nice, hardworking, compassionate and decent.

Hannah Baker

This character is the antagonist of the story; the character is lonely, sad and somewhat angry.

Justin Foley

This character is an attractive and popular football player.

Alex Standall, Jessica Davis

These characters met Hannah when they were new in school.

Tyler Down, Courtney Crimsen

These characters betrayed Hannah by taking inappropriate pictures and spreading rumors.

Marcus Cooley, Zach Dempsey

These characters are listed as the sixth and seventh triggers of Hannah's suicide.

Ryan Shaver

This character betrayed a friend by publishing a personal poem.

Jenny Kurtz

This character is the second person to receive the tapes after Clay.

Bryce Walker

This character is a sexual predator and bully who once grabbed Hannah in a liquor store.

Mr. Porter

This person is listed by Hannah as the thirteenth...

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