Thirteen Reasons Why Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jay Asher
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• Clay Jensen is introduced as the novel's narrator.

• Clay is at the post office mailing a package to a girl named Jenny.

• Jenny is the next person on a list created by Hannah.

• The list gives names of people who are to receive tapes made by Hannah.

• Clay is upset by the tapes and wonders how others will react to hearing them.

Part 1, p. 5 - 35

• Clay finds a package containing Hannah's tapes when he returns home from school.

• The tapes explain the 13 reasons why Hannah decided to commit suicide a few weeks earlier.

• If the recipients of the tapes refuse to comply with Hannah's directions the tapes will be released publicly.
• Hannah's story begins with her first kiss on a playground with a boy named Justin.

• Hannah was new to town and was just making friends.

• Untrue rumors began to circulate that more happened between the two...

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