Thinking, Fast and Slow Character Descriptions

Daniel Kahneman
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Daniel Kahneman

This psychologist and author earned the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 2002. His examinations of behavior economics led to his revelations and discussions regarding the decision-making process.

Amos Tversky

This colleague of the author's met him in 1969 at the University of Israel. The two worked together for years on research and experimentation to analyze intuitive thinking.

Eckhard Hess

This psychologist wrote for the Scientific American in which he described the visual stimuli of the human eye. He discovered that pupils are indicators of mental effort.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

This psychologist has conducted more research on "effortless attending" and "flow" than any other clinician.

Daniel Gilbert

This psychologist is also the author of Stumbling to Happiness and How Mental Systems Believe.

Roy Baumeister

This psychologist conducted experiments that indicated that all types of voluntary effort (cognitive, emotional, and physical) draw their energy from the same energy.

Walter Mischel


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