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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the god that the people of Umuofia believe is the creator of the all the world and the other gods?
(a) Chukwu
(b) Akunna
(c) Yahweh
(d) Enoch

2. Why do the men of Umuofia meet in the marketplace after the village crier beats the message on the ogene?
(a) They decide to negotiate with the District Commissioner.
(b) They decide to collect the fine immediately to release their six leaders.
(c) They decide against collecting any cowries to release the six leaders.
(d) They decide to offer half of the required fine to release the six leaders.

3. What news does Obierika bring to Okonkwo and Uchendu about the Abame clan?
(a) The clan befriended the white men who arrived and now were affluent.
(b) The clan gave five of their daughters to the white men who came to the village.
(c) The clan offered the white men yam seeds, so they could build their own farms.
(d) The clan has been wiped out by white men who surrounded the market and shot everyone.

4. What happens to the six leaders of Umuofia during their meeting with the District Commissioner?
(a) They are treated with kindness and respect.
(b) They share a feast with the District Commissioner.
(c) They are put in handcuffs, and led to the guardroom.
(d) The Commissioner and leaders agree to peace.

5. What do the missionaries tell the Mbanta people about their gods?
(a) The gods are true and should be sacrificed to for abundant crops.
(b) They are mythical, friendly gods but are not real.
(c) They are wonderful, loving gods, but are not the one true God.
(d) They are gods of deceit who tell you to kill your fellows and destroy innocent children.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the missionary that replaces Mr. Brown in Umuofia?

2. What does Uchendu tell Okonkw his duty was?

3. What do the people of Mbanta expect to happen to the missionaries when they start building their church?

4. Why can Ezeudu, the oldest man in his village, only be buried at night?

5. What is the nickname of kotma, the court messengers who guard the prison which holds people who break the white man's law?

Short Essay Questions

1. Okonkwo believes a man cannot rise above his chi, or destiny. Explain why you agree or disagree with Okonkwo's belief.

2. Compare the personalities of Mr. Brown and Reverend Smith. Which man do you think was better for the people of Umuofia?

3. What is Okonkwo's attitude after he is released from prison?

4. Describe the plan the leaders of Mbanta make when the missionary comes to them asking for a plot of land to build a church.

5. Summarize the advice Uchendu gives to Okonkwo about his lot in life.

6. What is Okonkwo's final act as a warrior for his village of Umuofia? Did it reverse the falling apart of his village in any way?

7. What is the importance of the ekwe to the people of Umuofia?

8. Do you think the white man causes the village of Umuofia to fall apart, as Obierika thinks? Explain.

9. The District Commissioner outsmarts the six leaders of Umuofia, including Okonkwo and arrests them, abuses them, and humiliates them. What affect does his have on the spirit of the clan?

10. How do the words of the missionaries impact Okonkwo's son, Nwoye?

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