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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Obierika bring for Okonkwo two years after Okonkwo had been exiled?
(a) Bags full of cowries
(b) Yam seeds
(c) Woven baskets of yams
(d) Kola nuts and palm-wine

2. What happens in Umuofia the next time Obierika comes to visit Okonkwo, two years later?
(a) The white men wipe out another clan of Umuofia.
(b) The entire village coverts to the white man's religion.
(c) The missionaries come, building a church and send evangalists to other towns and villages.
(d) More white men come, and the clan kills them.

3. When the missionaries ask the rulers of Mbanta for land to build their church, what do the rulers give them?
(a) A rocky, barren piece of land in the hills
(b) The
(c) An uncleared piece of land in the forest
(d) The best plot of land in the village

4. What does the angry band of egwugwu do to Enoch's compound and the Christian church as revenge for unmasking one of the ancestral spirits?
(a) They leave the buildings alone and try to find Enoch.
(b) They rub red clay and palm oil all over the buildings.
(c) They burn them to the ground.
(d) They murder all Enoch's family and the Christians in the church.

5. What does the District Commissioner do three days after the destruction of the church?
(a) He exiles the six leaders of Umuofia.
(b) He forgives the six leaders of Umuofia and tells them to go on their way.
(c) He has the six leaders of Umuofia killed.
(d) He speaks to Mr. Smith and calls a meeting with the six leaders of Umuofia.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Okika suggest they do that their fathers had never done before?

2. Who says that the Abame were fools and had been warned of danger, and that they should have brought guns and machetes with them to the market?

3. What is Okonkwo afraid will happen to his male children after he dies?

4. What is the nickname of kotma, the court messengers who guard the prison which holds people who break the white man's law?

5. What does Okonkwo feel the greatest obstacle to going to war against the white man is?

Short Essay Questions

1. The District Commissioner outsmarts the six leaders of Umuofia, including Okonkwo and arrests them, abuses them, and humiliates them. What affect does his have on the spirit of the clan?

2. Okonkwo believes a man cannot rise above his chi, or destiny. Explain why you agree or disagree with Okonkwo's belief.

3. Okonkwo's seven year exile is over and he decides to go home to his fatherland. Do you think he should stay in Mbanta with his mother's family? Why.

4. Describe the plan the leaders of Mbanta make when the missionary comes to them asking for a plot of land to build a church.

5. Do you think Okonkwo is correct in his reaction to his son, Nwoye joining the Christians? Why?

6. How does the saying "You can never go home again" hold true for Okonkwo when he returns home after seven years in exile?

7. Do you think the white man causes the village of Umuofia to fall apart, as Obierika thinks? Explain.

8. What are some of the positive things the white man brings to Umuofia?

9. Do you agree with the punishment the elders of the clan give to Okonkwo when he kills the youngest son of Ezeudu? Justify your answer.

10. Summarize the advice Uchendu gives to Okonkwo about his lot in life.

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