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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ekwefi and Ezinma harvest the cassava for the feast?
(a) The shake the tree, and the cassava fall to the ground.
(b) They pick the cassava off the tops of the trees.
(c) They shake every tree with a long stick, bend down to cut the stem, and dig out the tuber.
(d) They cut the cassava off the trees with machetes.

2. What does Okonkwo send to Obierika as he enters his final year of exile?
(a) Four hundred yam seeds to sow in Okonkwo's old field, so he and his family will have food when they returned from exile
(b) Money to build two huts on Okonkwo's old compound where he and his family will live until he builds more
(c) Money to build a obi for Okonkwo for when he and his family return
(d) bag of cowries to repay Obierika for the money he gave him through the years

3. What is the other thing that the white man brought to Umuofia besides religion?
(a) Disease
(b) Wives for the clan
(c) Sheep
(d) Government

4. What do the missionaries tell the Mbanta people about their gods?
(a) They are wonderful, loving gods, but are not the one true God.
(b) The gods are true and should be sacrificed to for abundant crops.
(c) They are mythical, friendly gods but are not real.
(d) They are gods of deceit who tell you to kill your fellows and destroy innocent children.

5. Where does Okonkwo bring his family after being banished from his village?
(a) To an enemy village asking to be accepted
(b) To wander the forests and live off the land
(c) To his mother's kinsmen in Mbanta
(d) To live in a cave in the hills

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing Mr. Kiaga orders the outcasts to do if they want to remain in the new religion?

2. What does the angry band of egwugwu do to Enoch's compound and the Christian church as revenge for unmasking one of the ancestral spirits?

3. What do the people of Mbanta expect to happen to the missionaries when they start building their church?

4. What does the District Commissioner do three days after the destruction of the church?

5. What event occurs that convinces the clan that the gods can fight their own battles?

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