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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the village meeting is called after the six leaders are released from the white man's prison, what does Okika say the clan should do?
(a) Become Christians
(b) All come to peace with the white man
(c) Move and build a village elsewhere
(d) Root out the evil of the white man

2. What does Okonkwo serve at the feast for all the umunna, the descendants of Okolo?
(a) Roasted locusts and small wild birds
(b) Yams wrapped in palm leaves and roasted with palm oil
(c) Three goats, fowls, foo-foo, yam pottage, egusi soup, bitter-leaf soup, palm-wine and kola nuts
(d) Fish from the stream, and roasted locusts

3. What happens to the six leaders of Umuofia once the fine is paid to the District Commissioner?
(a) They are mutilated and set free.
(b) They are hanged anyway.
(c) They are set free.
(d) They are imprisoned for life.

4. Who touches off the conflict between church and clan in Umuofia that has been building since Mr. Brown left?
(a) Mr. Smith
(b) Enoch
(c) Okonkwo
(d) Nwoye

5. What does Okika suggest they do that their fathers had never done before?
(a) Accept their fate, taking on the white man's ways.
(b) Give up their own religious beliefs and accept Christianity.
(c) Allow their children to attend the white man's school.
(d) Fight against their own brothers who have taken the side of the white man.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Okonkwo bring his family after being banished from his village?

2. How does Mr. Brown encourage the people to attend school?

3. How does Ekwefi and Ezinma harvest the cassava for the feast?

4. Who is called the Crystal of Beauty in Mbanta, growing into a healthy, buoyant young woman?

5. Who is captivated by the message of the missionaries?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Okonkwo's final act as a warrior for his village of Umuofia? Did it reverse the falling apart of his village in any way?

2. What is Okonkwo's attitude after he is released from prison?

3. Summarize the advice Uchendu gives to Okonkwo about his lot in life.

4. Do you agree that Mr. Kiaga's choice of allowing the outcasts, osu, to join the other converts in the church is in the best interest of his congregation? Explain.

5. What is the importance of the ekwe to the people of Umuofia?

6. Describe the plan the leaders of Mbanta make when the missionary comes to them asking for a plot of land to build a church.

7. What is Okonkwo's point of view with regard to the clan when he returns home?

8. How does the saying "You can never go home again" hold true for Okonkwo when he returns home after seven years in exile?

9. Describe how Obierika proves to be a true friend to Okonkwo, even after Okonkwo is exiled.

10. Okonkwo's friend, Obierika pays a visit to Okonkwo after two years of exile. He brings new of the annihilation of the Abame clan. Do you believe the white man is justified in their attack of the Abame clan? Explain.

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