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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does eighteen-year-old, Okonkwo, bring honor to his village?
(a) He throws the great wrestler, Amalinze the Cat.
(b) He plays his flute in the village after the harvest.
(c) He has no patience with unsuccessful men.
(d) He has a barn full of yams.

2. Ezinma offers to bring Okonkwo's chair to the wrestling match for him. Why did he refuse his daughter's offer?
(a) Men prefer to stand during the wrestling match.
(b) He will be busy with preparing the wrestlers for the match and wouldn't need the chair.
(c) Only grown women carry their husband's chairs.
(d) Carrying the chair is a boy's job.

3. What is the significance of the beating of drums in the village playground, the ilo, where all the great ceremonies and dances of the village take place?
(a) The drums beat as each wrestler is thrown to the ground.
(b) The beating of the drums means that the wrestling match will begin at noon.
(c) The beating drums announce that there is a winner in the wrestling match.
(d) The drums play the wrestling dance in preparation for the wrestling match at sundown.

4. What is Okonkwo's punishment for committing a "nso-ani" during the Week of Peace?
(a) Go to the shrine of Ani and confess his disrespectful behavior to the gods of the clan, remaining on his knees throughout a day and night.
(b) Bring a bamboo basket of yams, a flask of palm-wine and a hen to the shrine of Ani.
(c) Bring a she-goat, one hen, a length of cloth, and a hundred cowries to the shrine of Ani.
(d) Go to the shrine of Ani, fast for three days, and beg forgiveness for breaking the sacred peace.

5. How many men are in each of the two teams of wrestlers who face each other in the wrestling ring?
(a) Five men on each side
(b) Nine men on each side
(c) Six men on each side
(d) Twelve men on each side

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Okagbue, the medicine man, dig up from under the orange tree that makes the people of the village believe that Ezinma will live to adulthood?

2. Why does Nwakibie trust Okonkwo to farm his yam seeds?

3. After speaking with the elders of nine villages, what does Okonkwo tell Ikemefuna about what is going to happen to him?

4. Ekwefi awakes Okonkwo early in the morning pounding on his door. What is she anxious to tell him?

5. Who is Okonkwo's father?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Okoye, Unoka's friend, is considered a successful man.

2. Summarize the role of the women during the New Yam Festival.

3. Why don't the people want an even wrestling match, ending in a tie?

4. Explain why sharecropping is a very difficult way to get ahead for Okonkwo, and how it impacts his parents and sisters.

5. Do you agree with Okonkwo when he gives the fatal blow to Ikemefuna with his machete?

6. Describe how Okonkwo goes against his nature when he goes to find Ikwefi at the sacred cave.

7. Is it evident that the tribal rituals of marriage are important for not only the wedding couple, but the entire village?

8. Why do you think so many people in Umuofia gather with excitement to watch the wrestling matches?

9. What is the tradition the in-laws must do for the uri?

10. Do you think Okonkwo is justified in being ashamed of his father? Explain why.

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