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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Obierika's daughter, Akueke, is sixteen, just the right age for marrying. How does her suitor and his relatives determine if she is ripe for marriage?
(a) They study her body, which is decorated and painted in the traditional way: cam oil, black patterns on the skin, black necklace, red and yellow bangles, and waist beads.
(b) They have her stand before them and recite a marriage poem while dressed in flowing robes.
(c) They observe how much she eats of the food that is set out before her, and how delicately she chews her food.
(d) They feel how silky her hair is, and pinch her upper arms for plumpness.

2. Nwoye's mother calls Ezinma "Ezigbo" when she brings the fire to Nwoye's mother's hut. What does "Ezigbo" mean?
(a) Good work
(b) Good girl
(c) The good one
(d) Helpful child

3. What descends on the land of Okonkwo, darkens the sky, settles on the rooftops, and breaks mighty tree branches under them?
(a) The spirits of the clans ancestors
(b) The arrows of neighboring enemies
(c) A swarm of locusts
(d) A flock of vultures

4. How can an observer tell if a communal ceremony is only for the men of the village?
(a) The women gather away from the ceremony, and chat with one another.
(b) The titled men and elders sit on stools while the women look on from the fringe like outsiders.
(c) There are no women present anywhere near the ceremony.
(d) There are guards stationed around the communal ceremony, preventing the women from viewing.

5. How many men are in each of the two teams of wrestlers who face each other in the wrestling ring?
(a) Twelve men on each side
(b) Five men on each side
(c) Six men on each side
(d) Nine men on each side

Short Answer Questions

1. Anasi is Nwakibie's first wife, which makes her the ruler over the other wives of Nwakibie. She is the only wife who can wear her husband's titles. Where are the titles worn on Anasi?

2. What is the shameful death Unoka endures?

3. What does every man and his family do after the Week of Peace?

4. How does Unoka react when Okoye asks him to repay the two hundred cowries owed to him?

5. How long is Ikemenfuna in Okonkwo's care?

Short Essay Questions

1. What impact does the burning of the church have on Okonkwo's frame of mind?

2. Do you think Okonkwo is correct in his reaction to his son, Nwoye joining the Christians? Why?

3. Okonkwo believes a man cannot rise above his chi, or destiny. Explain why you agree or disagree with Okonkwo's belief.

4. What is Okonkwo's point of view with regard to the clan when he returns home?

5. What is Okonkwo's final act as a warrior for his village of Umuofia? Did it reverse the falling apart of his village in any way?

6. How do the words of the missionaries impact Okonkwo's son, Nwoye?

7. The District Commissioner outsmarts the six leaders of Umuofia, including Okonkwo and arrests them, abuses them, and humiliates them. What affect does his have on the spirit of the clan?

8. What is Okonkwo's attitude after he is released from prison?

9. Evaluate Okonkwo's frame of mind after the destruction of the yam crop.

10. What are some of the positive things the white man brings to Umuofia?

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