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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Okonkwo have any patience with his father?
(a) Unkona spoils his wife and children, providing them with too much food and money.
(b) Unoka is lazy, a debtor, and a failure.
(c) Unkona is overly ambitious and driven to earn the highest titles in the land.
(d) Unkona is a great warrior who is always away at war.

2. What is the festival that gives thanks to Ani, the earth goddess and source of fertility?
(a) The Seeds of Life Festival
(b) The Mother of the Earth Festival
(c) The Yam Harvest Festival
(d) The New Yam Festival

3. Who are the two groups of people who stand facing the elders at the ceremonial trial?
(a) One group is Mgbafo and her three brothers. The other group is her husband, Uzowulu, and his relatives.
(b) One group is wrestlers from the nine villages, and the other group is judges.
(c) One group is the three oldest men from the village. The other group is their sons.
(d) One group is the twelve-year-old boys from the village. The other group is their fathers.

4. What ultimatum is dispatched to Mbaino as a consequence of the murder of the woman from Umuofia?
(a) The sacrificial offering of one of the daughters of Mbaino.
(b) Delivery to Umuofia a year's worth of the yam harvest as a peace offering.
(c) Deliver the head of the murderer to the people of Umuofia.
(d) Choose between war or the offer of a young man and a virgin from Mbaino.

5. The first day of the new year is celebrated with feasting and fellowship. What takes place on the second day of the new year?
(a) A play enacting the planting of yams put on by the children of all the villages in Umuofia.
(b) The gathering of all the village musicians for singing and dancing.
(c) The great wrestling match between Okonkwo's village and their neighbors.
(d) A gathering in the marketplace for the preparation of the new yams for planting.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ezinma offers to bring Okonkwo's chair to the wrestling match for him. Why did he refuse his daughter's offer?

2. What is the significance of the beating of drums in the village playground, the ilo, where all the great ceremonies and dances of the village take place?

3. Okonkwo's friend, Obierika, is celebrating his daughter's uri. Why does this day put the entire neighborhood into a festive air?

4. When Okonkwo was a boy, his father, Unoka, consults Agbala, the Oracle of the Hills, about why his crops always fail.. What reply did the Oracle give?

5. As the drums sound and the flutes blast, what appears out of the egwugwu house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare the stories of men to the stories of women in Umuofia.

2. Explain why Okoye, Unoka's friend, is considered a successful man.

3. Who do you think benefits from the judgment of the egwuwu in the trial of Uzowulu and his wife and family and why?

4. Describe why Okonkwo is considered a wealthy man by Umuofia's standards.

5. Why do you think so many people in Umuofia gather with excitement to watch the wrestling matches?

6. Okonkwo's father dies in debt, with no titles to his name. Relate why Okonkwo does not have to worry that his father's reputation will be held against him.

7. Describe the weather patterns the year Okonkwo promises to farm the eight hundred yam seeds from Nwakibie, and how they affect the yams.

8. In your opinion, what is the biggest factor that makes Ikemefuna accept the fact that he is not returning to his homeland?

9. Do you think Okonkwo is justified in being ashamed of his father? Explain why.

10. Relate how Okonkwo is able to plant his first yam-seeds when his father gives him nothing.

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