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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ikemenfuna feel after three weeks of illness?
(a) He is still bitter and afraid.
(b) He gets better and is no longer afraid or sad to be in Okonkwo's home.
(c) He vows revenge on Okonkwo and his family.
(d) He cries every night after his illness for his mother and sisters.

2. How does eighteen-year-old, Okonkwo, bring honor to his village?
(a) He plays his flute in the village after the harvest.
(b) He has no patience with unsuccessful men.
(c) He has a barn full of yams.
(d) He throws the great wrestler, Amalinze the Cat.

3. Who are the two groups of people who stand facing the elders at the ceremonial trial?
(a) One group is the twelve-year-old boys from the village. The other group is their fathers.
(b) One group is wrestlers from the nine villages, and the other group is judges.
(c) One group is Mgbafo and her three brothers. The other group is her husband, Uzowulu, and his relatives.
(d) One group is the three oldest men from the village. The other group is their sons.

4. How are the children of the village prepared for the Feast of the New Yam?
(a) Their bodies are rubbed with palm oil, and their hair is decorated with kola nut shells.
(b) They are washed in the riverbed three times the day before the festival, and then dressed in simple robes.
(c) Their entire bodies are painted with cam wood and no clothing is worn to the festival.
(d) Their heads are shaved in beautiful patterns.

5. What is the name all children of the clan except Ezinma call their mothers?
(a) Jifida
(b) Nne
(c) Obi
(d) Efulefu

Short Answer Questions

1. What does every man and his family do after the Week of Peace?

2. What is the festival that gives thanks to Ani, the earth goddess and source of fertility?

3. Why is Umuofia feared by all its neighbors?

4. What is a man who holds the ozo title forbidden to do?

5. Why does Unkona's neighbor, Okoye, visit him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Okoye, Unoka's friend, is considered a successful man.

2. Compare the differences in the attitudes of the people of Umuofia with regard to a dark night and a moonlit night.

3. Relate how Okonkwo is able to plant his first yam-seeds when his father gives him nothing.

4. Predict what might happen later in the book from the conversation of Obierika, Machi, and Okonkwo when they talk about "what is good in one place is bad in another . . ." and that the polite name for leprosy is "white skin".

5. Do you agree with Okonkwo when he gives the fatal blow to Ikemefuna with his machete?

6. Determine the point of view of Mbaino with regard to settling the dispute with Umuofia over the murder of Ezeugo.

7. Evaluate Okonkwo's reputation in the nine villages of Umuofia.

8. Analyze Okonkwo's feelings for Enzinma and Ekwefi, and how they relate to his fear of weakness.

9. Evaluate Okonkwo's frame of mind after the destruction of the yam crop.

10. Explain how Okonkwo's stern attitude changes when he is awakened in the night because Ezinma is sick.

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