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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can Ezeudu, the oldest man in his village, only be buried at night?
(a) The spirits announce that he has to be buried at night.
(b) It is believed being buried at night will bring the dead man closer to his ancestors.
(c) He is a noble warrior with three titles to his name. A man who took titles can only be buried after dark.
(d) The oldest man of the village is always buried after dark.

2. What happens to the six leaders of Umuofia during their meeting with the District Commissioner?
(a) They are put in handcuffs, and led to the guardroom.
(b) The Commissioner and leaders agree to peace.
(c) They share a feast with the District Commissioner.
(d) They are treated with kindness and respect.

3. Who is captivated by the message of the missionaries?
(a) Nwoye
(b) Obierika
(c) Okonkwo
(d) Ezinma

4. Who is the white missionary that makes friends with great men of the clan and is presented with a carved elephant tusk?
(a) Mr. Brown
(b) Mr. Kiaga
(c) Mr. Penn
(d) Mr. Smith

5. What does Okonkwo do when the court messengers come to the meeting, telling the clan to stop?
(a) He turns and asks the clan to stop the meeting.
(b) He tries to convince the messengers to join the meeting peacefully.
(c) He beheads one of the messengers with his machete.
(d) He leaves the meeting, afraid of being arrested again.

6. What does Okonkwo feel the greatest obstacle to going to war against the white man is?
(a) The fear of the clan
(b) The clan is not prepared for war
(c) His own cowardice
(d) The cowardice of Egonwanne

7. What news does Obierika bring to Okonkwo and Uchendu about the Abame clan?
(a) The clan gave five of their daughters to the white men who came to the village.
(b) The clan befriended the white men who arrived and now were affluent.
(c) The clan has been wiped out by white men who surrounded the market and shot everyone.
(d) The clan offered the white men yam seeds, so they could build their own farms.

8. Why do the people say "Mother is Supreme" when the man is the head of the family and his wives and children are obedient to him?
(a) When a man is sorrowful and bitter, he seeks refuge in his motherland because his mother is there to protect him. It is where she is buried.
(b) They are referring to Mother Earth and how she is fertile for the yams.
(c) They are referring to the mother of all gods, guiding them to rule the world.
(d) They believe in the very first mother of all men, giving life to all the men who came after.

9. Who is called the Crystal of Beauty in Mbanta, growing into a healthy, buoyant young woman?
(a) Obiageli
(b) Ezinma
(c) Ezigbo
(d) Chielo

10. What does Okonkwo hope his sons will be initiated into when his family returns from exile?
(a) Ozo society
(b) The Sacred Python society
(c) Sacred Yam Seed society
(d) The Nidichi

11. What does Mr. Smith tell the people about ogbanje, the evil children who are born over and over again to plague their mothers?
(a) That the stories resemble the Christian beliefs.
(b) That the stories are most likely true.
(c) That the stories are okay to believe in.
(d) That the stories are spread by the Devil to lead men astray.

12. What is Okonkwo's popular nickname?
(a) Raging Wrestler
(b) Flaming Heart
(c) Living Legend
(d) Roaring Flame

13. What does the oldest member of the clan say is the reason for gathering for Okonkwo's feast?
(a) To gather under the moonlight
(b) To save kinsman from starving
(c) To show off the wealth of food
(d) Because it is good for kinsman to do so

14. Where does Obierika get the bags of cowries that he brings to Okonkwo?
(a) He gives Okonkwo some of the cowries he saved through the years.
(b) He collects the money from the clan members who favor Okonkwo.
(c) He sells Okonkwo's yams and seed yams.
(d) He sells Okonkwo's compound and brings him the money.

15. What does Enoch do that is one of the greatest crimes a man can commit during the annual ceremony?
(a) He unmasks an egwugwu in public, killing an ancestral spirit.
(b) He defies his chi.
(c) He beats the wife of another man.
(d) He becomes an efulefu.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Okonkwo bring his family after being banished from his village?

2. What do the missionaries tell the Mbanta people about their gods?

3. Who is the missionary that replaces Mr. Brown in Umuofia?

4. How many missionaries go to Mbanta?

5. What does Okonkwo send to Obierika as he enters his final year of exile?

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