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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an osu?
(a) One of the elders, given a hut in the center of the village
(b) A person dedicated to a god, set apart and taboo forever
(c) A holy man, revered by the people
(d) A very brave and accomplished hunter

2. What happens to the six leaders of Umuofia during their meeting with the District Commissioner?
(a) They share a feast with the District Commissioner.
(b) They are put in handcuffs, and led to the guardroom.
(c) The Commissioner and leaders agree to peace.
(d) They are treated with kindness and respect.

3. How many cowries do the court messengers ask the people for as payment to release their leaders?
(a) Two hundred and fifty bags
(b) Three hundred bags
(c) Two hundred bags
(d) Two hundred and ten bags

4. What does Mr. Brown build in Umuofia?
(a) A playground
(b) A town hall
(c) A mansion for himself
(d) A school and a small hospital

5. When Aneto kills Oduche over a land dispute, what does the white man's government decide?
(a) To whip Aneto
(b) To imprison Aneto for life
(c) To hang Aneto
(d) To exile Aneto and his family

6. What is the first thing Mr. Kiaga orders the outcasts to do if they want to remain in the new religion?
(a) Kneel before the cross and pray to be accepted
(b) Return to their special area of the village and never return
(c) Shave off their long tangled hair
(d) Go to the village and proclaim their faith

7. What does Uchendu tell Okonkw his duty was?
(a) Never return to his homeland, but build his future in Mbanta.
(b) Forget about his past, and denounce his homeland.
(c) Comfort his wives and children and take them back to his fatherland after seven years.
(d) To go back to his clan and beg to be forgiven.

8. What is the name of the god that the people of Umuofia believe is the creator of the all the world and the other gods?
(a) Yahweh
(b) Chukwu
(c) Enoch
(d) Akunna

9. Who touches off the conflict between church and clan in Umuofia that has been building since Mr. Brown left?
(a) Mr. Smith
(b) Okonkwo
(c) Nwoye
(d) Enoch

10. What does the angry band of egwugwu do to Enoch's compound and the Christian church as revenge for unmasking one of the ancestral spirits?
(a) They burn them to the ground.
(b) They murder all Enoch's family and the Christians in the church.
(c) They rub red clay and palm oil all over the buildings.
(d) They leave the buildings alone and try to find Enoch.

11. What does Okonkwo hope his sons will be initiated into when his family returns from exile?
(a) Ozo society
(b) The Sacred Python society
(c) Sacred Yam Seed society
(d) The Nidichi

12. How does Mr. Brown encourage the people to attend school?
(a) With singlets and towels
(b) With singlets and towels
(c) With kola nuts and palm-wine
(d) With a she-goat and hen

13. What is Okonkwo's punishment for killing Ezeudu's son?
(a) Beheading and disgrace.
(b) One of Okonkwo's sons is to be offered as sacrifice.
(c) He and his wives and children have to flee the land.
(d) All of Okonkwo's sons are to be executed.

14. What is the final ceremony, Amikwu, Uchendu's youngest son, has to perform before getting married?
(a) Umuada--the gathering of daughters
(b) Uri--the ceremony of wine bringing
(c) Kwenu--shouts of approval
(d) Isa-ife--the ceremony of confession

15. Who is captivated by the message of the missionaries?
(a) Obierika
(b) Nwoye
(c) Okonkwo
(d) Ezinma

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Okonkwo send to Obierika as he enters his final year of exile?

2. What does Okonkwo mourn when he returns to his clan?

3. What is the name of the man that the ekwe announces to Umuofia?

4. Who says that the Abame were fools and had been warned of danger, and that they should have brought guns and machetes with them to the market?

5. How is Okonkwo going to thank his mother's people for helping him during his seven years in exile?

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