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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the District Commissioner do three days after the destruction of the church?
(a) He exiles the six leaders of Umuofia.
(b) He speaks to Mr. Smith and calls a meeting with the six leaders of Umuofia.
(c) He has the six leaders of Umuofia killed.
(d) He forgives the six leaders of Umuofia and tells them to go on their way.

2. What does Okonkwo feel the greatest obstacle to going to war against the white man is?
(a) The cowardice of Egonwanne
(b) The clan is not prepared for war
(c) The fear of the clan
(d) His own cowardice

3. What does Okonkwo mourn when he returns to his clan?
(a) The clan is malnourished and weak.
(b) The clan is too aggressive and angry.
(c) The clan is breaking up and falling apart.
(d) The clan is poor.

4. What is the first thing Okonkwo plans to do when he returns to his clan?
(a) Have his wives cook meals for the village
(b) Go to each neighboring hut, apologizing for the past
(c) Rebuild his compound better than it was before
(d) Move in with a neighbor until he could rebuild

5. How many cowries do the court messengers ask the people for as payment to release their leaders?
(a) Two hundred bags
(b) Two hundred and ten bags
(c) Two hundred and fifty bags
(d) Three hundred bags

6. What is the name of the god that the people of Umuofia believe is the creator of the all the world and the other gods?
(a) Yahweh
(b) Akunna
(c) Enoch
(d) Chukwu

7. What is the final ceremony, Amikwu, Uchendu's youngest son, has to perform before getting married?
(a) Umuada--the gathering of daughters
(b) Isa-ife--the ceremony of confession
(c) Kwenu--shouts of approval
(d) Uri--the ceremony of wine bringing

8. Who touches off the conflict between church and clan in Umuofia that has been building since Mr. Brown left?
(a) Mr. Smith
(b) Okonkwo
(c) Enoch
(d) Nwoye

9. What does the oldest member of the clan say is the reason for gathering for Okonkwo's feast?
(a) To show off the wealth of food
(b) Because it is good for kinsman to do so
(c) To save kinsman from starving
(d) To gather under the moonlight

10. What does the ekwe, a hollowed out wooden instrument and the blast of the cannon signify to the nine villages of Umuofia?
(a) The beginning of war
(b) The death of a man
(c) The birth of a child
(d) The beginning of a festival

11. What punishment does the District Commissioner give the six leaders of Umuofia?
(a) Beheading in the public market
(b) Give all the yams in their barns to the commissioner
(c) Destruction of the leader's compounds
(d) Collect two hundred bags of cowries from the people as a fine

12. Why do the people say "Mother is Supreme" when the man is the head of the family and his wives and children are obedient to him?
(a) They believe in the very first mother of all men, giving life to all the men who came after.
(b) They are referring to Mother Earth and how she is fertile for the yams.
(c) When a man is sorrowful and bitter, he seeks refuge in his motherland because his mother is there to protect him. It is where she is buried.
(d) They are referring to the mother of all gods, guiding them to rule the world.

13. What question does Njide, the eldest sister of Uchendu, ask of her brother's bride during the isa-ife?
(a) Do you plan on being faithful and obedient to my brother?
(b) How do you plan to keep a tranquil household for my brother?
(c) How many men have you lain with since my brother first expressed the desire to marry you?
(d) How many children do you plan to bear in my brother's name?

14. What is the other thing that the white man brought to Umuofia besides religion?
(a) Disease
(b) Government
(c) Wives for the clan
(d) Sheep

15. Where does Obierika get the bags of cowries that he brings to Okonkwo?
(a) He gives Okonkwo some of the cowries he saved through the years.
(b) He collects the money from the clan members who favor Okonkwo.
(c) He sells Okonkwo's compound and brings him the money.
(d) He sells Okonkwo's yams and seed yams.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Obierika bring for Okonkwo two years after Okonkwo had been exiled?

2. What is the tragedy that takes place during the final burial rites for Ezeudu while the cannon is shot and guns fired?

3. What happens to the six leaders of Umuofia during their meeting with the District Commissioner?

4. How does Ekwefi and Ezinma harvest the cassava for the feast?

5. Why do the elders fear for the young people of the village?

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