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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the agreed upon bride-price for Akueke?
(a) Twenty bags of cowries
(b) Ten woven baskets of yams
(c) A she-goat, a hen, and ten cowries
(d) Five bags of cowries and one hundred yam seeds

2. What is the one passion that rules Okonkwo's life?
(a) To hate everything his father loved.
(b) To make sure his barn was always filled with yams.
(c) To be affluent in money, wives, and children.
(d) To obtain more wealth than anyone else in Umuofia.

3. Which of the spectators of the wrestling match are allowed to sit around the huge circle of the wrestling ring?
(a) Women and children.
(b) Pregnant women.
(c) The elders, grandees, a few early comers in the stands, and the drummers.
(d) The wrestlers waiting for their matches.

4. What is a man who holds the ozo title forbidden to do?
(a) Tap the tall palm trees.
(b) Wrestle during the Feast of the New Yam.
(c) Talk to a single woman in public.
(d) Drink from the tapping of short palm trees.

5. The Ibo people consider conversation to be very important. What form of conversation do they regard the most highly?
(a) Rhyming
(b) Proverbs
(c) Orations
(d) Sarcasm

6. One night, the storytelling of Okonkwo 's wives and children stops because the priestess, Chielo is shouting in a high-pitched voice. What does she tell Okonkwo?
(a) That Agbala, the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves wants to see Ezinma
(b) That Agbala wants to see all Okonkwo's wives
(c) That Agbala is putting a curse on Okonkwo's house
(d) That Agbala needs to talk to Okonkwo

7. Why does Okonkwo insult Osugo at a meeting by calling him a woman?
(a) Okonkwo calls Osugo a woman because Osugo has no titles and contradicted what Okonkwo had been saying.
(b) Osugo is talking in a feminine voice.
(c) Osugo is complaining and whining.
(d) Osugo is making womanly hand gestures during the meeting.

8. Okonkwo is very prosperous, owning a large compound with many huts, and an abundance of food. Ikemefuna is given to Okonkwo to live with him until the clan decides Ikemefuna's fate. How does Ikemefuna react to living with Okonkwo?
(a) He is thankful that he will never be hungry living with Okonkwo, his three wives, and eight children.
(b) He hopes to learn how to become a great farmer and warrior from Okonkwo.
(c) He is pleased to be living with such a powerful, wealthy man.
(d) He is afraid and does not understand the circumstances.

9. How does Okonkwo act for two days after Ikemefuna's death?
(a) He goes into the hills and offers a sacrifice to the gods, asking their forgiveness for taking part in Ikemfuna's death.
(b) He does not eat for two days, he drinks palm-wine from morning until night, he does not sleep, and he can't stop thinking about Ikemefuna.
(c) He works day and night to keep his mind occupied.
(d) He acts as if nothing has happened and continues his daily routines.

10. As Ekwefi and Okonkwo wait outside of Agbala's cave for Ezinma's return, what does Ekwefi think about?
(a) She thinks about how she and Okonkwo can defeat Agbala.
(b) She thinks she will take Ezinma and move away from the village.
(c) She thinks about when she and Okonkwo were young, and how she left her first husband to be with Okonkwo.
(d) She thinks about what must be happening to Ezinma in the cave.

11. What does Okonkwo bring back from the bush while Ezinma lays sick in Ekwefi's hut?
(a) Soil from the bush to mix with water and form into mud which can be rubbed on Ezinma's body to bring down the fever.
(b) Three small birds to offer as sacrifice to the gods, so Ezinma will get well.
(c) A bundle of medicinal plants, grasses, leaves, roots and barks.
(d) Bananas to mix with palm oil, forming a paste which Ezinma can eat easily. This will help keep up her strength.

12. Why do all the women abandon preparing the food for the uri and rush off to the Obierika's crop field?
(a) The locusts landed on the crops and have to be brushed off the leaves.
(b) A fire broke out in the field and the women have to stomp it out.
(c) There is a cow loose in the field eating the crops and the women have to catch it.
(d) A neighbor's child went to the field and started picking the crops.

13. How many pots of wine do Obierika's in-laws brink to his home for the uri?
(a) Fifty
(b) Twenty-five
(c) Twenty
(d) None

14. Okonkwo of Umuofia is the emissary of war to Mbaino. What does Mbaino give him as an offering for the murder of the woman from Umuofia?
(a) A large monetary payment for the people of Umofia.
(b) One of Mbaino's most powerful warriors.
(c) A fifteen-year-old boy named Ikemefuna and a young virgin to replace the murdered woman.
(d) The wife of the murderer.

15. What is the strange event that takes place in the village of Ire that Ofoedo tells Okonkwo and Obierika about?
(a) All the people in the village of Ire awoke in the night from dreams of disasters to come.
(b) Ogbuefi Ndulue, the oldest man in the Ire village died and upon hearing about it, his wife, Ozoemena, died also.
(c) The children of Ire stopped speaking for two days and went into a trance-like state.
(d) All the yams planted in the fields rotted during the night from a curse sent by evil spirits.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Unkona change the subject to music when he and Oybe are discussing the impending war with the village of Mbaino?

2. Who are the two groups of people who stand facing the elders at the ceremonial trial?

3. Ezinma offers to bring Okonkwo's chair to the wrestling match for him. Why did he refuse his daughter's offer?

4. How many men are in each of the two teams of wrestlers who face each other in the wrestling ring?

5. How does eighteen-year-old, Okonkwo, bring honor to his village?

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