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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ultimatum is dispatched to Mbaino as a consequence of the murder of the woman from Umuofia?
(a) Delivery to Umuofia a year's worth of the yam harvest as a peace offering.
(b) Choose between war or the offer of a young man and a virgin from Mbaino.
(c) Deliver the head of the murderer to the people of Umuofia.
(d) The sacrificial offering of one of the daughters of Mbaino.

2. What are the women's duties after the yams are planted?
(a) They plant maize, melons, and beans between the mounds. They also weeded the farm three times per planting season.
(b) They make bamboo woven hats for the farmers working in the hot sun.
(c) They make meals for the men working in the fields.
(d) They plant kola nuts between the yams, and weed the yams every day.

3. When Okonkwo was a boy, his father, Unoka, consults Agbala, the Oracle of the Hills, about why his crops always fail.. What reply did the Oracle give?
(a) That Unoka sows his yams on exhausted land rather than making the effort to clear new land.
(b) That Unoka has offended the gods and that is why his crop fail.
(c) That he angers his ancestors and they plague his land.
(d) That he should stay home and offer sacrifices to the gods.

4. What is the decision of the egwugwu after hearing the case for Mgbafo's family against Uzowulu?
(a) Uzowulu is to bring a pot of wine to Mgbafo's family and beg that his wife be returned to him. Mgbafo's family is to return her to Uzowulu when he brings the wine to them.
(b) The bride-price is to be returned to Uzowulu.
(c) Uzowulu is warned never to beat a woman again or he will be mutilated.
(d) The bride-price is not to be paid back to Uzowulu.

5. What hopes does Okonkwo have for his son, Nwoye's , future?
(a) He wants Nwoye to be prosperous, that he will have enough to feed the ancestors with regular sacrifices, and he will be able to rule his women and children.
(b) He hopes Nwoye would be a fair, just, and wise father and husband, showing kindness and love to his family.
(c) He wants Nwoye to be a great warrior with many heroic victories to his name.
(d) He wants Nwoye to be a talented musician, performing at all the festivals in the nine villages.

6. The first day of the new year is celebrated with feasting and fellowship. What takes place on the second day of the new year?
(a) A play enacting the planting of yams put on by the children of all the villages in Umuofia.
(b) The gathering of all the village musicians for singing and dancing.
(c) A gathering in the marketplace for the preparation of the new yams for planting.
(d) The great wrestling match between Okonkwo's village and their neighbors.

7. How does Nwoye's mother treat Ikemenfuna?
(a) She is very kind to him and treats him like one of her own children.
(b) She ignores him, resenting that he is someone else's child.
(c) She mistreats him, letting him go for days with nothing to eat.
(d) She makes him work like a slave.

8. How many men are in each of the two teams of wrestlers who face each other in the wrestling ring?
(a) Twelve men on each side
(b) Five men on each side
(c) Six men on each side
(d) Nine men on each side

9. How can an observer tell if a communal ceremony is only for the men of the village?
(a) There are guards stationed around the communal ceremony, preventing the women from viewing.
(b) The women gather away from the ceremony, and chat with one another.
(c) There are no women present anywhere near the ceremony.
(d) The titled men and elders sit on stools while the women look on from the fringe like outsiders.

10. What is the significance of the beating of drums in the village playground, the ilo, where all the great ceremonies and dances of the village take place?
(a) The beating of the drums means that the wrestling match will begin at noon.
(b) The drums beat as each wrestler is thrown to the ground.
(c) The beating drums announce that there is a winner in the wrestling match.
(d) The drums play the wrestling dance in preparation for the wrestling match at sundown.

11. What does Okonkwo bring back from the bush while Ezinma lays sick in Ekwefi's hut?
(a) A bundle of medicinal plants, grasses, leaves, roots and barks.
(b) Soil from the bush to mix with water and form into mud which can be rubbed on Ezinma's body to bring down the fever.
(c) Bananas to mix with palm oil, forming a paste which Ezinma can eat easily. This will help keep up her strength.
(d) Three small birds to offer as sacrifice to the gods, so Ezinma will get well.

12. What is Okonkwo's punishment for committing a "nso-ani" during the Week of Peace?
(a) Bring a she-goat, one hen, a length of cloth, and a hundred cowries to the shrine of Ani.
(b) Bring a bamboo basket of yams, a flask of palm-wine and a hen to the shrine of Ani.
(c) Go to the shrine of Ani and confess his disrespectful behavior to the gods of the clan, remaining on his knees throughout a day and night.
(d) Go to the shrine of Ani, fast for three days, and beg forgiveness for breaking the sacred peace.

13. When Okonkwo is angry and cannot speak because of his stutter, how does he get his point across?
(a) Uses hand motions to relay his message.
(b) Takes a deep breath and gets control of himself.
(c) Walks away, returning when he is calmer.
(d) Uses his fists against the person who angers him.

14. How does Ekwefi make the medicine she hopes would cure Ezinma?
(a) She puts a pot on the fire, adding medicinal plants, grasses, leaves, roots and barks. She brought them to a boil being careful that it didn't boil over and lose its power.
(b) She grounds kola nuts and bananas together, forming a paste to put on Ezinma's tongue.
(c) She boiled a hen, added yams and nuts to make a medicinal broth for Ezinma to drink.
(d) She mixes palm-wine and red clay into a medicinal mud and rubs it on Ezinma's face and chest.

15. Who is the first man Okonkwo works for as a share-cropper ?
(a) Nwakibie
(b) Okoye
(c) Agbala
(d) Ogbuefi Udo

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the strange event that takes place in the village of Ire that Ofoedo tells Okonkwo and Obierika about?

2. Okonkwo does not fear war. In the last war he fought, he brought home a souvenir which he drank palm-wine out of. What is this souvenir?

3. What is the one passion that rules Okonkwo's life?

4. What drives Okonkwo into a rage on the first day of the festival, leading him to beat his second wife, Ekwefi, and almost kill her with a gun?

5. Where does Obierika send one of his relatives to get a fat goat to give to his in-laws during the uri?

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