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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the missionary that replaces Mr. Brown in Umuofia?
(a) Reverend James Smith
(b) Reverend Simon Peter
(c) Reverend John Paul
(d) Reverend Peter Paul

2. When the village meeting is called after the six leaders are released from the white man's prison, what does Okika say the clan should do?
(a) Become Christians
(b) Move and build a village elsewhere
(c) Root out the evil of the white man
(d) All come to peace with the white man

3. What is Okonkwo afraid will happen to his male children after he dies?
(a) They will follow in Nwoye's footsteps and abandon the gods of their ancestors.
(b) They will never go back to their homeland again.
(c) They will forget the lessons Okonkwo taught them.
(d) They will be killed by neighboring enemies.

4. As Ekwefi and Okonkwo wait outside of Agbala's cave for Ezinma's return, what does Ekwefi think about?
(a) She thinks about how she and Okonkwo can defeat Agbala.
(b) She thinks about what must be happening to Ezinma in the cave.
(c) She thinks about when she and Okonkwo were young, and how she left her first husband to be with Okonkwo.
(d) She thinks she will take Ezinma and move away from the village.

5. What do the people of Umuofia fear in the night?
(a) Bandits in search of money and food.
(b) Rogue warriors from Mbaino.
(c) Kidnappers looking for children to sell as slaves.
(d) Evil spirits, dangerous animals, and snakes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens in Umuofia the next time Obierika comes to visit Okonkwo, two years later?

2. What does the law state in Umuofia if a woman runs away from her husband?

3. As the drums sound and the flutes blast, what appears out of the egwugwu house?

4. What do the rulers and elders of Mbanta decide to do about the Christians after one of the converts kills the Sacred Python?

5. Who is called the Crystal of Beauty in Mbanta, growing into a healthy, buoyant young woman?

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