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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Okonkwo's friend, Obierika, is celebrating his daughter's uri. Why does this day put the entire neighborhood into a festive air?
(a) It is the day his daughter will practice for the wedding ceremony, followed by a celebration.
(b) It is the day his daughtor's suitor brings the whole neighborhood to see the hut where he and his bride will be living.
(c) It is the day when his daughter's suitor brings palm-wine to her parents and her entire group of kinsmen, umunna. Everyone is invited, but the central figures are the bride and her mother.
(d) It is the day his daughter's suitor will pay the bride-price and everyone will celebrate.

2. Okonkwo does not fear war. In the last war he fought, he brought home a souvenir which he drank palm-wine out of. What is this souvenir?
(a) A human head.
(b) A goatskin flask.
(c) A woven, bamboo basket.
(d) A colorful, clay pot.

3. What is the decision of the egwugwu after hearing the case for Mgbafo's family against Uzowulu?
(a) The bride-price is not to be paid back to Uzowulu.
(b) Uzowulu is warned never to beat a woman again or he will be mutilated.
(c) Uzowulu is to bring a pot of wine to Mgbafo's family and beg that his wife be returned to him. Mgbafo's family is to return her to Uzowulu when he brings the wine to them.
(d) The bride-price is to be returned to Uzowulu.

4. What is an osu?
(a) A very brave and accomplished hunter
(b) One of the elders, given a hut in the center of the village
(c) A person dedicated to a god, set apart and taboo forever
(d) A holy man, revered by the people

5. How does Nwoye's mother treat Ikemenfuna?
(a) She makes him work like a slave.
(b) She mistreats him, letting him go for days with nothing to eat.
(c) She is very kind to him and treats him like one of her own children.
(d) She ignores him, resenting that he is someone else's child.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Chielo bring Ezinma?

2. What does every man and his family do after the Week of Peace?

3. How is Okonkwo going to thank his mother's people for helping him during his seven years in exile?

4. How is the weather during the first growing season that Okonkwo starts share-cropping for Nwakibie?

5. How does Okonkwo act for two days after Ikemefuna's death?

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