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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Okonkwo send to Obierika as he enters his final year of exile?
(a) bag of cowries to repay Obierika for the money he gave him through the years
(b) Four hundred yam seeds to sow in Okonkwo's old field, so he and his family will have food when they returned from exile
(c) Money to build two huts on Okonkwo's old compound where he and his family will live until he builds more
(d) Money to build a obi for Okonkwo for when he and his family return

2. How are the children of the village prepared for the Feast of the New Yam?
(a) They are washed in the riverbed three times the day before the festival, and then dressed in simple robes.
(b) Their heads are shaved in beautiful patterns.
(c) Their entire bodies are painted with cam wood and no clothing is worn to the festival.
(d) Their bodies are rubbed with palm oil, and their hair is decorated with kola nut shells.

3. What is used to inform all the men of the Umuofia to meet in the market place the following morning?
(a) A group of armed warriors.
(b) A choir of people singing the message.
(c) The town crier beating on his hollow, metal ogene.
(d) The beating of drums in the night.

4. Who is Okonkwo's father?
(a) Unoka
(b) Amalinze
(c) Ikemefuna
(d) Okoye

5. How long is Ikemenfuna in Okonkwo's care?
(a) Three months
(b) Two days
(c) Twelve years
(d) Three years

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Umuofia feared by all its neighbors?

2. What are the crops that are considered women's crops by the people of Umuofia?

3. Okonkwo is sitting in his obi with Ikemefuna and Nwoye, eating dried locusts when Ogbuefi Ezeudu comes with a message. What is the message?

4. The punishment for breaking the sacred peace changes through the years. What happened to a man that broke the Week of Peace in the past?

5. Okonkwo ate his wive's meals, and his wives and children are their supper. What is the next thing his wives and children do?

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