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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Okonkwo ate his wive's meals, and his wives and children are their supper. What is the next thing his wives and children do?
(a) The wives wash their hair and their children's hair
(b) Review the events of the day
(c) Sing and told folk stories
(d) Wash the children and get them ready for bed

2. When is the only time that Unkona is not haggard and mournful?
(a) When drinking and playing his flute.
(b) When providing food for his wife and children.
(c) After paying off his debts.
(d) When fighting for his village against the village of Mbaino.

3. What is the emergency that the great orator announces at the meeting in the marketplace?
(a) The yam harvest of one of the village celebrities is stolen from his barn.
(b) The wife of Ogbuefi Udo is murdered in Mbaino when she goes to market.
(c) The warriors of Mbaino raid one of the villages of Umuofia.
(d) The powerful medicine woman of Umuofia dies during the night.

4. Why does Okoye need to collect a past debt from Unkona?
(a) Okoye needs money to help him overcome his failures.
(b) To help pay for the expensive Idemili title ceremony.
(c) To buy a new ogene, the musical instrument Okoye played.
(d) To buy yams for his three wives.

5. What does Ekwefi do after Chielo carries Ezinma away on her back?
(a) She runs to the other wives for solace.
(b) She screams at Okonkwo to go bring Ezinma back.
(c) She follows Chielo.
(d) She runs into her hut in despair.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the man that the ekwe announces to Umuofia?

2. Nwoye's mother calls Ezinma "Ezigbo" when she brings the fire to Nwoye's mother's hut. What does "Ezigbo" mean?

3. Why is Okonkwo considered one of the greatest men of his time?

4. What is Okonkwo's punishment for killing Ezeudu's son?

5. Which of the spectators of the wrestling match are allowed to sit around the huge circle of the wrestling ring?

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