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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Okonkwo's punishment for killing Ezeudu's son?
(a) One of Okonkwo's sons is to be offered as sacrifice.
(b) He and his wives and children have to flee the land.
(c) Beheading and disgrace.
(d) All of Okonkwo's sons are to be executed.

2. Okonkwo's friend, Obierika, is celebrating his daughter's uri. Why does this day put the entire neighborhood into a festive air?
(a) It is the day his daughter's suitor will pay the bride-price and everyone will celebrate.
(b) It is the day his daughtor's suitor brings the whole neighborhood to see the hut where he and his bride will be living.
(c) It is the day his daughter will practice for the wedding ceremony, followed by a celebration.
(d) It is the day when his daughter's suitor brings palm-wine to her parents and her entire group of kinsmen, umunna. Everyone is invited, but the central figures are the bride and her mother.

3. What does the law state in Umuofia if a woman runs away from her husband?
(a) She is to be killed and left unburied for the vultures and wild animals.
(b) Her husband is allowed to go get her, dragging her back home by the hair.
(c) Her bride-price must be returned to the husband.
(d) She must be left in the forest to die.

4. What is the festival that gives thanks to Ani, the earth goddess and source of fertility?
(a) The New Yam Festival
(b) The Mother of the Earth Festival
(c) The Seeds of Life Festival
(d) The Yam Harvest Festival

5. How does eighteen-year-old, Okonkwo, bring honor to his village?
(a) He has a barn full of yams.
(b) He plays his flute in the village after the harvest.
(c) He has no patience with unsuccessful men.
(d) He throws the great wrestler, Amalinze the Cat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can Ezeudu, the oldest man in his village, only be buried at night?

2. Who is Okonkwo's father?

3. What does Ekwefi do after Chielo carries Ezinma away on her back?

4. Why does Unkona change the subject to music when he and Oybe are discussing the impending war with the village of Mbaino?

5. How does Ezinma, the daughter of Okonkwo's second wife, bring fire to Nwoye's mother's hut?

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