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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the strange event that takes place in the village of Ire that Ofoedo tells Okonkwo and Obierika about?
(a) All the people in the village of Ire awoke in the night from dreams of disasters to come.
(b) Ogbuefi Ndulue, the oldest man in the Ire village died and upon hearing about it, his wife, Ozoemena, died also.
(c) The children of Ire stopped speaking for two days and went into a trance-like state.
(d) All the yams planted in the fields rotted during the night from a curse sent by evil spirits.

2. What is a man who holds the ozo title forbidden to do?
(a) Wrestle during the Feast of the New Yam.
(b) Tap the tall palm trees.
(c) Drink from the tapping of short palm trees.
(d) Talk to a single woman in public.

3. Where does Obierika send one of his relatives to get a fat goat to give to his in-laws during the uri?
(a) To a neighboring goat herder known for his fat goats
(b) The goat farm in the village
(c) The wonderful market in Umuike
(d) To the hills where wild goats roam free

4. What is Okonkwo afraid will happen to his male children after he dies?
(a) They will be killed by neighboring enemies.
(b) They will forget the lessons Okonkwo taught them.
(c) They will never go back to their homeland again.
(d) They will follow in Nwoye's footsteps and abandon the gods of their ancestors.

5. What is used to inform all the men of the Umuofia to meet in the market place the following morning?
(a) A group of armed warriors.
(b) The beating of drums in the night.
(c) A choir of people singing the message.
(d) The town crier beating on his hollow, metal ogene.

Short Answer Questions

1. Okonkwo is very prosperous, owning a large compound with many huts, and an abundance of food. Ikemefuna is given to Okonkwo to live with him until the clan decides Ikemefuna's fate. How does Ikemefuna react to living with Okonkwo?

2. Who is Okonkwo's father?

3. Which of the spectators of the wrestling match are allowed to sit around the huge circle of the wrestling ring?

4. How does Ezinma, the daughter of Okonkwo's second wife, bring fire to Nwoye's mother's hut?

5. What does Nwoye do after his father, Okonkwo, beats him for being with the missionaries?

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