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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Okonkwo act for two days after Ikemefuna's death?
(a) He goes into the hills and offers a sacrifice to the gods, asking their forgiveness for taking part in Ikemfuna's death.
(b) He works day and night to keep his mind occupied.
(c) He does not eat for two days, he drinks palm-wine from morning until night, he does not sleep, and he can't stop thinking about Ikemefuna.
(d) He acts as if nothing has happened and continues his daily routines.

2. What is the name all children of the clan except Ezinma call their mothers?
(a) Jifida
(b) Obi
(c) Efulefu
(d) Nne

3. Why is the big, ancient silk-cotton tree in the playground considered sacred?
(a) The spirits of good children waiting to be born live in the tree.
(b) The tree is believed to have been the first tree in existence.
(c) The tree holds the spirits of all the ancestors of the clan.
(d) The tree holds all the spirits of the men who died in wars since the beginning of time.

4. When Okonkwo is angry and cannot speak because of his stutter, how does he get his point across?
(a) Uses hand motions to relay his message.
(b) Uses his fists against the person who angers him.
(c) Walks away, returning when he is calmer.
(d) Takes a deep breath and gets control of himself.

5. Ekwefi awakes Okonkwo early in the morning pounding on his door. What is she anxious to tell him?
(a) Their daughter, Ezinma is sick and dying.
(b) The yam fields are on fire.
(c) Nwoye's mother is sick and calling for him.
(d) All the men of the village are to meet in the marketplace immediately.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Okonkwo's twelve-year-old son, Nwoye, causing him great anxiety?

2. What is the only way a young man can build a barn of his own if his father has no yams?

3. One night, the storytelling of Okonkwo 's wives and children stops because the priestess, Chielo is shouting in a high-pitched voice. What does she tell Okonkwo?

4. What is the one passion that rules Okonkwo's life?

5. Why does Nwakibie trust Okonkwo to farm his yam seeds?

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