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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the people of Umuofia observe the Week of Peace?
(a) It is a week of happy celebration, dancing, and feasting with everyone in the village. It creates a peaceful, cooperative atmosphere that is supposed to last throughout the year.
(b) It is a time for families to develop bonds of love and understanding, making their relationships strong.
(c) It is a time to set aside differences with families and neighbors, forgiving them for past offenses.
(d) Their forefather's ordained that before they planted any crops, they have to observe a week where it is forbidden to say a harsh word to a neighbor. This honors the god of the earth, so that the crops will grow.

2. Which men fight in the final wrestling match of the day?
(a) Men chosen by the elders from each of the nine villages.
(b) The leaders of the teams are made up of the best wrestlers in the nine villages.
(c) Men elected in each of the nine villages.
(d) The wealthiest men from each of the nine villages.

3. What is a man who holds the ozo title forbidden to do?
(a) Talk to a single woman in public.
(b) Drink from the tapping of short palm trees.
(c) Tap the tall palm trees.
(d) Wrestle during the Feast of the New Yam.

4. What is the agreed upon bride-price for Akueke?
(a) Twenty bags of cowries
(b) Ten woven baskets of yams
(c) A she-goat, a hen, and ten cowries
(d) Five bags of cowries and one hundred yam seeds

5. When is the only time that Unkona is not haggard and mournful?
(a) When fighting for his village against the village of Mbaino.
(b) When providing food for his wife and children.
(c) When drinking and playing his flute.
(d) After paying off his debts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the shameful death Unoka endures?

2. How does Unoka react when Okoye asks him to repay the two hundred cowries owed to him?

3. What descends on the land of Okonkwo, darkens the sky, settles on the rooftops, and breaks mighty tree branches under them?

4. What are the things that Okonkwo fears most?

5. Okonkwo and the men of Umuofia take Ikemefuna deep into the forest and kill him with machetes. Who gives the final thrust of the machete that ends Ikemefuna's life?

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