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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the powerful orator that informs the ten thousand men of the emergency facing the nine villages of Umuofia?
(a) Okoye
(b) Ogbuefi Udo
(c) Nwoye
(d) Ogbuefi Ezeugo

2. After speaking with the elders of nine villages, what does Okonkwo tell Ikemefuna about what is going to happen to him?
(a) That he is being killed.
(b) That he is going home.
(c) That he is being exiled.
(d) That he is free to go.

3. While talking with Okoye about the war, Unkona changes the subject to which topic?
(a) Farming
(b) Music
(c) Ancestral feasts
(d) Heavy rains

4. Which men fight in the final wrestling match of the day?
(a) Men elected in each of the nine villages.
(b) Men chosen by the elders from each of the nine villages.
(c) The wealthiest men from each of the nine villages.
(d) The leaders of the teams are made up of the best wrestlers in the nine villages.

5. What is the agreed upon bride-price for Akueke?
(a) Five bags of cowries and one hundred yam seeds
(b) Ten woven baskets of yams
(c) A she-goat, a hen, and ten cowries
(d) Twenty bags of cowries

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Okonkwo have any patience with his father?

2. Why do the people of Umuofia observe the Week of Peace?

3. Why do men and women look forward to the Feast of the New Yam?

4. How does Okonkwo act for two days after Ikemefuna's death?

5. Why does Okonkwo worry about his son, Nwoye?

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