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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Okonkwo is angry and cannot speak because of his stutter, how does he get his point across?
(a) Walks away, returning when he is calmer.
(b) Uses his fists against the person who angers him.
(c) Uses hand motions to relay his message.
(d) Takes a deep breath and gets control of himself.

2. What do the people of Umuofia fear in the night?
(a) Evil spirits, dangerous animals, and snakes.
(b) Rogue warriors from Mbaino.
(c) Kidnappers looking for children to sell as slaves.
(d) Bandits in search of money and food.

3. How does Okonkwo react to the disastrous growing season that destroy all his yams and the yams of his people?
(a) He cries and sinks into despair.
(b) He gives up being a farmer, and begins looking for a new trade.
(c) He feels he can survive anything, since he has survived this disastrous year.
(d) His heart is broken from the loss of his crop, leaving him depressed and suicidal.

4. How is the weather during the first growing season that Okonkwo starts share-cropping for Nwakibie?
(a) The worst in memory: late rains and scorching sun kill the yams, then torrential downpours wash the seeds away.
(b) The beginning of the season is poor weather for growing yams, but the second planting of the season grows huge yams, sweet and plump.
(c) Some good days, and some bad: the yams grow, but not to their potential. Some days were too hot and some rains too severe.
(d) The best growing weather ever: yams flourish with the nightly rains and sunny days.

5. Why is Okonkwo's twelve-year-old son, Nwoye, causing him great anxiety?
(a) Okonkwo is jealous of his son's growing strength.
(b) Nwoye complains about having to work in the fields from dawn to dusk.
(c) Nwoye is a wild, unruly boy.
(d) Okonkwo believes his son to be lazy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the people of Umuofia observe the Week of Peace?

2. What is the festival that gives thanks to Ani, the earth goddess and source of fertility?

3. What is Okonkwo's punishment for committing a "nso-ani" during the Week of Peace?

4. Obiageli, Nwoye's sister, comes home crying because her water pot is broken. How did her waterpot break?

5. How long is Ikemenfuna in Okonkwo's care?

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