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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Okonkwo react to the disastrous growing season that destroy all his yams and the yams of his people?
(a) He feels he can survive anything, since he has survived this disastrous year.
(b) His heart is broken from the loss of his crop, leaving him depressed and suicidal.
(c) He cries and sinks into despair.
(d) He gives up being a farmer, and begins looking for a new trade.

2. While talking with Okoye about the war, Unkona changes the subject to which topic?
(a) Ancestral feasts
(b) Heavy rains
(c) Music
(d) Farming

3. How does Ikemenfuna feel after three weeks of illness?
(a) He cries every night after his illness for his mother and sisters.
(b) He vows revenge on Okonkwo and his family.
(c) He is still bitter and afraid.
(d) He gets better and is no longer afraid or sad to be in Okonkwo's home.

4. How does Nwoye's mother treat Ikemenfuna?
(a) She makes him work like a slave.
(b) She ignores him, resenting that he is someone else's child.
(c) She mistreats him, letting him go for days with nothing to eat.
(d) She is very kind to him and treats him like one of her own children.

5. Why does Unkona's neighbor, Okoye, visit him?
(a) To share kola nuts with Unkona.
(b) To pray with Unkona for life, health, and protection from enemies.
(c) To collect a two-year-old debt of two hundred cowries.
(d) To talk about music.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Okonkwo insult Osugo at a meeting by calling him a woman?

2. What are the women's duties after the yams are planted?

3. What is the emergency that the great orator announces at the meeting in the marketplace?

4. What are the things that Okonkwo fears most?

5. Nwoye's mother calls Ezinma "Ezigbo" when she brings the fire to Nwoye's mother's hut. What does "Ezigbo" mean?

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