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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Okonkwo does not fear war. In the last war he fought, he brought home a souvenir which he drank palm-wine out of. What is this souvenir?
(a) A human head.
(b) A goatskin flask.
(c) A woven, bamboo basket.
(d) A colorful, clay pot.

2. How does Unoka react when Okoye asks him to repay the two hundred cowries owed to him?
(a) He bursts out laughing.
(b) He offers kola nuts as repayment instead of money.
(c) He promises to repay the money without delay.
(d) He tells Okoye that he would be paid before anyone else.

3. Why does Okonkwo insult Osugo at a meeting by calling him a woman?
(a) Okonkwo calls Osugo a woman because Osugo has no titles and contradicted what Okonkwo had been saying.
(b) Osugo is talking in a feminine voice.
(c) Osugo is complaining and whining.
(d) Osugo is making womanly hand gestures during the meeting.

4. How does eighteen-year-old, Okonkwo, bring honor to his village?
(a) He plays his flute in the village after the harvest.
(b) He has a barn full of yams.
(c) He throws the great wrestler, Amalinze the Cat.
(d) He has no patience with unsuccessful men.

5. Who is the powerful orator that informs the ten thousand men of the emergency facing the nine villages of Umuofia?
(a) Ogbuefi Udo
(b) Ogbuefi Ezeugo
(c) Nwoye
(d) Okoye

Short Answer Questions

1. When Okonkwo was a boy, his father, Unoka, consults Agbala, the Oracle of the Hills, about why his crops always fail.. What reply did the Oracle give?

2. Why is Okonkwo considered one of the greatest men of his time?

3. Who is the first man Okonkwo works for as a share-cropper ?

4. What do the people of Umuofia fear in the night?

5. Why does Unkona change the subject to music when he and Oybe are discussing the impending war with the village of Mbaino?

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