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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Okonkwo bring with him to share with the wealthy Nwakibie and his family before asking for yam seeds and share cropping privileges?
(a) Goat's milk and eggs.
(b) A bamboo basket and a goatflask.
(c) Campfire wood, and a pot of soup.
(d) Palm-wine, a cock, kola nut, and alligator pepper.

2. What ultimatum is dispatched to Mbaino as a consequence of the murder of the woman from Umuofia?
(a) Deliver the head of the murderer to the people of Umuofia.
(b) Choose between war or the offer of a young man and a virgin from Mbaino.
(c) The sacrificial offering of one of the daughters of Mbaino.
(d) Delivery to Umuofia a year's worth of the yam harvest as a peace offering.

3. Who is Okonkwo's father?
(a) Unoka
(b) Ikemefuna
(c) Okoye
(d) Amalinze

4. Why does Okoye need to collect a past debt from Unkona?
(a) To help pay for the expensive Idemili title ceremony.
(b) To buy yams for his three wives.
(c) To buy a new ogene, the musical instrument Okoye played.
(d) Okoye needs money to help him overcome his failures.

5. How does Nwoye's mother treat Ikemenfuna?
(a) She makes him work like a slave.
(b) She ignores him, resenting that he is someone else's child.
(c) She is very kind to him and treats him like one of her own children.
(d) She mistreats him, letting him go for days with nothing to eat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Unkona change the subject to music when he and Oybe are discussing the impending war with the village of Mbaino?

2. Who is the powerful orator that informs the ten thousand men of the emergency facing the nine villages of Umuofia?

3. What is the shameful death Unoka endures?

4. Where does the powerful Oracle of the Hills, Agbala, live?

5. What is the emergency that the great orator announces at the meeting in the marketplace?

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