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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ezinma offers to bring Okonkwo's chair to the wrestling match for him. Why did he refuse his daughter's offer?
(a) Only grown women carry their husband's chairs.
(b) Carrying the chair is a boy's job.
(c) He will be busy with preparing the wrestlers for the match and wouldn't need the chair.
(d) Men prefer to stand during the wrestling match.

2. Who is the powerful orator that informs the ten thousand men of the emergency facing the nine villages of Umuofia?
(a) Nwoye
(b) Okoye
(c) Ogbuefi Ezeugo
(d) Ogbuefi Udo

3. Where does Okonkwo bring his family after being banished from his village?
(a) To an enemy village asking to be accepted
(b) To wander the forests and live off the land
(c) To his mother's kinsmen in Mbanta
(d) To live in a cave in the hills

4. As the drums sound and the flutes blast, what appears out of the egwugwu house?
(a) The medicine man
(b) The priestess
(c) The Oracle of the Hills and the Caves
(d) The spirits of the ancestors emerge, followed by nine egwugwu, the masked spirits of the nine villages

5. Obiageli, Nwoye's sister, comes home crying because her water pot is broken. How did her waterpot break?
(a) She tripped over a stone in the pathway, and fell with her water pot.
(b) She was showing off, swaying her waist and the pot fell.
(c) She overfilled the pot with water and was unable to carry the weight. The pot tipped and fell.
(d) She was pushed by Nwoye's younger brother and fell with her pot, spilling the water and smashing the pot.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the only way a young man can build a barn of his own if his father has no yams?

2. What is the emergency that the great orator announces at the meeting in the marketplace?

3. Where does the powerful Oracle of the Hills, Agbala, live?

4. How does Ekwefi and Ezinma harvest the cassava for the feast?

5. Ezinma tells her mother, Ekwefi, that her upper eyelid is twitching. What does Ekwefi tell Ezinma the significance of the twitch is?

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