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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What question does Njide, the eldest sister of Uchendu, ask of her brother's bride during the isa-ife?
(a) How do you plan to keep a tranquil household for my brother?
(b) How many men have you lain with since my brother first expressed the desire to marry you?
(c) How many children do you plan to bear in my brother's name?
(d) Do you plan on being faithful and obedient to my brother?

2. What is Okonkwo's punishment for killing Ezeudu's son?
(a) Beheading and disgrace.
(b) He and his wives and children have to flee the land.
(c) One of Okonkwo's sons is to be offered as sacrifice.
(d) All of Okonkwo's sons are to be executed.

3. How do the women of the clan prepare for the Feast of the New Yam?
(a) They cleanse their bodies, wear a simple robe and sandles, and scrub their faces. They are to go to the festival free of all paint, jewelry, or ornamentation of any kind.
(b) They gather in the marketplace to share all their clothing, jewelry and sandals with one another. They wear each others belongings to prove to the goddess, Ani, that they are worthy people.
(c) They scrub the walls and huts with red earth, draw patterns on them in white, yellow and green, paint themselves with cam wood, and draw black patterns on their stomach and backs.
(d) They decorate robes with intricate patterns made of colored beans, plaite each others hair, color their faces with red clay, and make veils to cover their faces during the festival.

4. What does Okonkwo bring with him to share with the wealthy Nwakibie and his family before asking for yam seeds and share cropping privileges?
(a) A bamboo basket and a goatflask.
(b) Campfire wood, and a pot of soup.
(c) Palm-wine, a cock, kola nut, and alligator pepper.
(d) Goat's milk and eggs.

5. Why is Okonkwo's twelve-year-old son, Nwoye, causing him great anxiety?
(a) Nwoye complains about having to work in the fields from dawn to dusk.
(b) Okonkwo is jealous of his son's growing strength.
(c) Okonkwo believes his son to be lazy.
(d) Nwoye is a wild, unruly boy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Okonkwo hope his sons will be initiated into when his family returns from exile?

2. How can an observer tell if a communal ceremony is only for the men of the village?

3. Who is captivated by the message of the missionaries?

4. What is the nickname of kotma, the court messengers who guard the prison which holds people who break the white man's law?

5. Okonkwo is very prosperous, owning a large compound with many huts, and an abundance of food. Ikemefuna is given to Okonkwo to live with him until the clan decides Ikemefuna's fate. How does Ikemefuna react to living with Okonkwo?

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