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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the people say "Mother is Supreme" when the man is the head of the family and his wives and children are obedient to him?
(a) They believe in the very first mother of all men, giving life to all the men who came after.
(b) When a man is sorrowful and bitter, he seeks refuge in his motherland because his mother is there to protect him. It is where she is buried.
(c) They are referring to the mother of all gods, guiding them to rule the world.
(d) They are referring to Mother Earth and how she is fertile for the yams.

2. What is the shameful death Unoka endures?
(a) Drowning in his own vomit after too much palm-wine.
(b) Starvation due to his many failed crops.
(c) Beheading because of his many unpaid debts.
(d) Dying of the abomination of swollen stomach and limbs, never to be buried in the earth.

3. Why does Nwakibie trust Okonkwo to farm his yam seeds?
(a) He can tell by looking at Okonkwo that he is a hard worker, unlike many young men of the village.
(b) He figures he can charge Okonkwo for the seeds with interest if the crop failed.
(c) He always believs big, strong men are trustworthy.
(d) He asks other people of the village if Okonkwo can be trusted.

4. Which of the spectators of the wrestling match are allowed to sit around the huge circle of the wrestling ring?
(a) Pregnant women.
(b) The wrestlers waiting for their matches.
(c) The elders, grandees, a few early comers in the stands, and the drummers.
(d) Women and children.

5. How does Ekwefi make the medicine she hopes would cure Ezinma?
(a) She puts a pot on the fire, adding medicinal plants, grasses, leaves, roots and barks. She brought them to a boil being careful that it didn't boil over and lose its power.
(b) She mixes palm-wine and red clay into a medicinal mud and rubs it on Ezinma's face and chest.
(c) She boiled a hen, added yams and nuts to make a medicinal broth for Ezinma to drink.
(d) She grounds kola nuts and bananas together, forming a paste to put on Ezinma's tongue.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Okonkwo was a boy, his father, Unoka, consults Agbala, the Oracle of the Hills, about why his crops always fail.. What reply did the Oracle give?

2. How many men are in each of the two teams of wrestlers who face each other in the wrestling ring?

3. Anasi is Nwakibie's first wife, which makes her the ruler over the other wives of Nwakibie. She is the only wife who can wear her husband's titles. Where are the titles worn on Anasi?

4. What does Okonkwo bring with him to share with the wealthy Nwakibie and his family before asking for yam seeds and share cropping privileges?

5. Where does the powerful Oracle of the Hills, Agbala, live?

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