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Chapter 1

• Okonkwo, is a well-known member of the Ibo tribe, noted for beating "Amalinze the Cat" in a wrestling match.

• Okonkwo is a wealthy farmer, and a warrior with three wives

• Okonkwo despises his father, Unoka, who is a failure.

• Unoka never pays his debts, and laughs when his friend, Okoye, asks to be repaid.
• The town crier announces a meeting in the marketplace. Okonkwo wonders what the meeting is about.

• Okonkwo remembers the time he brought home a human head from war and drank palm-wine from it.

• Ten thousand men gather at the marketplace. The orator, Ogbuefi Ezeugo, tells of an Umuofian woman who was murdered in Mbaino.

• The ultimatum they offer Mbaino is a young man and a virgin instead of war.

• Okonkwo is the emissary to Mbaino and returns with the boy and virgin.

• The boy is looked after by Okonkwo.

Chapter 2

• Okonkwo inherits nothing...

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