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Short Answer Questions

1. What made Coach Wooden want to enlist in the military?

2. What prevented Wooden from fulfilling his position in the South Pacific?

3. What signal did Coach Wooden give to Nellie before each game when he was a coach?

4. How did Doug McIntosh feel when Coach Wooden pulled him from the championship game?

5. What became known as Wooden's "good luck piece" during games at Purdue?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Coach Wooden and Nellie's wedding.

2. Did Fred Slaughter respect Coach Wooden?

3. Explain Coach Wooden's duties and pay when he got his first high-school coaching job in Dayton.

4. In Chapter 1, how did Coach Wooden react when he saw Kenny Washington crying in the locker room due to homesickness? Do you think his reaction was right?

5. In Chapter 1, Coach Wooden removes Walt Hazzard from several games for showing off. Why is showing off a negative thing?

6. Describe Wooden's relationship with his high-school coach Glenn Curtis.

7. Why didn't Coach Wooden and Nellie have enough money for the wedding they had planned?

8. What basketball rule caused Nellie and Coach Wooden to break up several times? Was this a good rule?

9. What caused Coach Wooden to take his first college teaching position?

10. Describe how Coach Wooden learned to play basketball as a child.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Coach Wooden left his coaching temporarily to enlist in WWII.

Part 1) Describe what event caused Coach Wooden to voluntarily enlist in the military.

Part 2) Based on what you know about Coach Wooden, write about what kind of solider you think he would have been. Use specific examples from the book that describe his personality and character traits.

Essay Topic 2

Coach Wooden had specific rules for both practices and games.

Part 1) Discuss how Coach Wooden ran practices including specific rules.

Part 2) Discuss how Coach ran games including specific rules.

Essay Topic 3

In the book, the theme of unity on a team is repeated several times.

Part 1) Write about how Coach Wooden would build unity on his teams. Use specific examples from the book.

Part 2) Write about the benefits of learning unity and what other areas of life the lesson of unity can be applied to.

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