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Short Answer Questions

1. At his first high-school coaching job, what was Coach Wooden's salary?

2. What does Coach Wooden say a coach often feels about his players?

3. Besides coaching at the high-school level, what class did Coach Wooden teach?

4. When Wooden served in the military in Georgia, what was his duty?

5. Who stopped Walt Hazzard from quitting the team?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Chapter 14, what was important to the Wooden Family?

2. What principle did Coach Wooden base his coaching career on and what does it mean?

3. Why didn't Coach Wooden seek a career as a professional basketball player?

4. How did Coach Wooden end up teaching at UCLA?

5. What is the meaning of this quote by Coach Wooden, "the true athlete should have character, not be a character"?

6. How did Jabbar's teammates feel about him?

7. Once enlisted in the military, what stopped Coach Wooden from serving overseas?

8. Explain the comparison Coach talked about between players and doves.

9. What did Coach Wooden say he never wants his team to do during a game?

10. What honors did Coach Wooden receive, and how does he feel about these honors?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

When people have to make a decision, a good way to think it through is by making a "pros and cons" list. Coach Wooden had an important decision to make between playing professional basketball or staying a coach. He decided to stay a coach because he loves to teach.

Write as if you were Coach Wooden making this decision. Writing about the pros and cons of choosing professional basketball and the pros and cons of staying a coach. As a conclusion write why you think Coach made the right or wrong decision based on the pros and cons lists.

Essay Topic 2

Coach Wooden discusses the theme of race many times, especially during the years that Kareem Abdul Jabbar played on his team.

Part 1) Write about some of the specific stories Coach shares in the book concerning race.

Part 2) Write about how Coach deals with racial issues from the public about his team.

Essay Topic 3

There are several occasions in the book where Coach Wooden discusses removing players from a game or practice for different reasons.

Part 1) Compare the different occasions and reasons. How are they similar? How are they different?

Part 2) Do you think Coach was right or wrong in each of these occasions. Why?

Part 3) Do Coach's decisions make the players better players? Why or why not?

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