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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Coach's favorite poem, "They Ask Me Why I Teach," what was the answer to the author's question?
(a) Where else could I find more splendid company?
(b) Where else could I influence young people?
(c) Where else could I spend so much time with children.
(d) Where else could I help children learn?

2. Who loaned Wooden some money for his wedding?
(a) Nellie's best friend's father.
(b) Wooden's father.
(c) Nellie's father.
(d) Coach Curtis.

3. What signal did Coach Wooden give to Nellie before each high-school game?
(a) He winked at her.
(b) He gave her the okay sign.
(c) He blew her a kiss.
(d) He waved at her.

4. What does Wooden say that many coaches and players develop during their career?
(a) Family problems.
(b) Health problems.
(c) Superstitions.
(d) Bad habits.

5. How did Doug McIntosh feel when Coach Wooden pulled him from the championship game?
(a) He was mad at his fellow teammates.
(b) He was angry because he didn't get to play.
(c) He was happy because the team won.
(d) He was depressed because his family came to watch him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who first noticed Wooden's "good luck charm"?

2. What does Coach Wooden say a coach often feels about his players?

3. What rank was Coach Wooden called to serve at once he enlisted?

4. According to Coach Wooden, Coach Lambert coached based on what?

5. Many of the players on Wooden's first college team has also been what?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 1, Coach Wooden removes Walt Hazzard from several games for showing off. Why is showing off a negative thing?

2. How did Coach Wooden feel about money?

3. Explain what happened between Coach Wooden and one of his South Bend students named Eddie.

4. Once enlisted in the military, what stopped Coach Wooden from serving overseas?

5. Describe Coach Wooden and Nellie's relationship throughout their high-school years.

6. Explain Coach Lambert's coaching philosophy.

7. What caused Coach Wooden to enlist in the military?

8. Explain how Coach Wooden earned money while in college.

9. In Chapter 8, Coach Wooden says that coaches can sometimes be subconsciously influenced by their players. What does he mean by this?

10. Explain Coach Wooden's duties and pay when he got his first high-school coaching job in Dayton.

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