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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Many of the players on Wooden's first college team has also been what?
(a) Married at a young age.
(b) Raised on a farm.
(c) Players on the college baseball team.
(d) Players on his high-school team.

2. How did Wooden supplement his income?
(a) By playing pro basketball on the weekends.
(b) By running basketball training camps in the summer.
(c) By waiting tables on the weekend.
(d) By selling sports stories to the local newspaper.

3. Where did Wooden go the morning after his wedding?
(a) To look for a job.
(b) To a basketball clinic.
(c) To help his coach recruit new players.
(d) To basketball practice.

4. Who first noticed Wooden's "good luck charm"?
(a) A recruiter.
(b) Coach Lambert.
(c) A sports reporter.
(d) Nellie.

5. What prevented Wooden from fulfilling his position in the South Pacific?
(a) An appendectomy.
(b) A broken arm.
(c) A new assignment.
(d) Nellie's sickness.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Wooden lose all the money he had saved?

2. Which player replaced the player who was removed by Coach Wooden from the championship game?

3. In what year of Coach Wooden's college coaching experience, did his team win their conference title?

4. Who was the talented leader of the UCLA team's defense?

5. When Coach Wooden was a child, what was his first basketball hoop made out of?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what happened between Coach Wooden and one of his South Bend students named Eddie.

2. What basketball rule caused Nellie and Coach Wooden to break up several times? Was this a good rule?

3. Why didn't Coach Wooden remain a high-school basketball coach?

4. Explain how Coach Wooden earned money while in college.

5. What caused Coach Wooden to enlist in the military?

6. Why didn't Coach Wooden and Nellie have enough money for the wedding they had planned?

7. Once enlisted in the military, what stopped Coach Wooden from serving overseas?

8. Describe Coach Wooden's team his first year at Indiana State University.

9. Why didn't Coach Wooden seek a career as a professional basketball player?

10. In Chapter 8, Coach Wooden says that coaches can sometimes be subconsciously influenced by their players. What does he mean by this?

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