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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Nellie and Wooden celebrate after their wedding ceremony?
(a) They went to an expensive hotel.
(b) They went to dinner and dancing.
(c) They went to dinner and a concert.
(d) They moved into their apartment.

2. How did Wooden supplement his income?
(a) By playing pro basketball on the weekends.
(b) By selling sports stories to the local newspaper.
(c) By running basketball training camps in the summer.
(d) By waiting tables on the weekend.

3. Veterans who wanted to go to college after the war could go at the military's expense. This was called the what?
(a) Veteran College Bill.
(b) Military College Act.
(c) Education for Veterans Bill.
(d) G.I. Bill

4. What did Coach Wooden's brother do to him as a child that make him very angry?
(a) Pushed him in the pond.
(b) Locked him in the barn.
(c) Flipped manure on him.
(d) Punched him in the stomach.

5. Coach Wooden's father told him to make each day what?
(a) The best day it can be.
(b) A new beginning.
(c) A masterpiece.
(d) Great.

6. What made Coach Wooden want to enlist in the military?
(a) Ther Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
(b) He had lost his coaching job.
(c) His father's legacy.
(d) Nellie's insistence that the pay was good.

7. Why did Wooden stay a coach when he could have earned much more money as a professional player?
(a) He was getting too old to play professional basketball.
(b) His wife didn't want him to play professionally.
(c) He loved the young people he coached.
(d) He didn't get any professional offers.

8. Who did Wooden replace as coach at Indiana State?
(a) Glenn Curtis.
(b) Fred Slaughter.
(c) Kenny Washington.
(d) Doug McIntosh.

9. In Chapter 1, who did Coach Wooden remove from the championship game because he was having an off night?
(a) Doug McIntosh.
(b) Jack Hirsch.
(c) Walt Hazzard.
(d) Fred Slaughter.

10. Who was the talented leader of the UCLA team's defense?
(a) Kenny Washington.
(b) Keith Erickson.
(c) Fred Slaughter.
(d) Doug McIntosh.

11. Many of the players on Wooden's first college team has also been what?
(a) Players on his high-school team.
(b) Married at a young age.
(c) Raised on a farm.
(d) Players on the college baseball team.

12. What became known as Wooden's "good luck piece" during games at Purdue?
(a) A picture of Nellie in his pocket.
(b) A necklace from his mother.
(c) A key tied to his shoe.
(d) Socks with green trim.

13. Where did Coach Wooden spot future guard Gail Goodrich playing basketball?
(a) Outside the dorm at UCLA.
(b) Outside his apartment complex.
(c) At another college.
(d) At a high-school basketball game.

14. After the war, what was difficult for Coach Wooden's family to find in South Bend?
(a) Kind neighbors.
(b) A job for Nellie.
(c) Affordable housing.
(d) Adequate schools.

15. In what year did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, drawing the US into World War II?
(a) 1948.
(b) 1941.
(c) 1945.
(d) 1950.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Coach Wooden, Coach Lambert coached based on what?

2. Wooden learned that students who do what, can get free tuition?

3. Where was Wooden's first high-school coaching job?

4. As a child, what did Coach Wooden stuff with rags to make a ball?

5. Where did Wooden attend college?

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