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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6 & 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Coach Wooden, a true athlete should have what?
(a) Talent.
(b) Principles.
(c) Character.
(d) Skill.

2. Who first noticed Wooden's "good luck charm"?
(a) A recruiter.
(b) A sports reporter.
(c) Nellie.
(d) Coach Lambert.

3. In Chapter 1, who did Coach Wooden remove from the championship game because he was having an off night?
(a) Doug McIntosh.
(b) Walt Hazzard.
(c) Jack Hirsch.
(d) Fred Slaughter.

4. Because of an incident between Coach Wooden and his brother as children, what did he vow never to do?
(a) Hurt someone's feelings.
(b) Lie.
(c) Swear.
(d) Get into a fight.

5. Who was the talented leader of the UCLA team's defense?
(a) Doug McIntosh.
(b) Keith Erickson.
(c) Kenny Washington.
(d) Fred Slaughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who loaned Wooden some money for his wedding?

2. Why did Coach Wooden's family move to Martinsville?

3. Who eventually became principal and superintendent of Martinsville Schools?

4. Why did Nellie and Coach Wooden break up several times during high school?

5. Where did Wooden go the morning after his wedding?

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