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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

In this chapter, Coach Wooden introduces many players from his 1964 UCLA team. Coach Wooden discusses an incident with player Fred Slaughter. The incident has such an effect on Coach that it overshadowed the victory of his team. This lesson will discuss that incident and what Coach and Fred Slaughter learned.


1) Acting: Have three students act out the incident between Coach Wooden and Fred Slaughter with the third student playing the part of Doug McIntosh. Students can add their own dialogue choosing to say what they would have felt in this situation. Be sure to include a conversation between Coach and Fred after the game. Allow other students to have a chance to act as well. After this, discuss how this incident showed the quality of Coach Wooden's coaching skills and the type of players Fred and Doug were.

2) Class Discussion: Having discussed the incident...

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