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Short Answer Questions

1. Which is the best description of Claire and Elizabeth's reunion?

2. Claire tries to strike Elizabeth with what?

3. What is the special plant about to do?

4. Who is Elizabeth?

5. In the second part of Act 1, who enters after Harry exits?

Short Essay Questions

1. Following Tom's rejection of her advances in the tower room, what does Claire do?

2. Adelaide says that she goes about in the world, free, busy, and happy, because among people she has no time to think of herself. Why is this statement distasteful to Claire?

3. Why is Harry angry the first time he appears onstage?

4. Which character responds to the code-like buzzer, and what does that character do?

5. When the curtain opens for the second time in Act 1, what is the setting?

6. What does Anthony offer to do when he sees that Claire has strangled Tom?

7. What is the symbolism of the tower room?

8. Why is Anthony upset when Dick rushes into the greenhouse for shelter?

9. Describe the setting of Act 2.

10. Describe what happens after Dick asks Claire about her plants.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Claire's husband, Harry, seems to find insight into Claire's needs and motivations only after he sees that she has strangled Tom. Why did this murderous action prompt understanding when her work with the plants did not?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Claire prefer her greenhouse plants to grow wild and untamed? Does this mesh with the extreme care she takes to protect the plants from nature? How do these answers support the theme of the play?

Essay Topic 3

What Victorian values are represented by Harry and Adelaide in the play? Why are these values so distasteful to Claire?

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