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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tom's condition when he arrives in the tower room?
(a) He is hesitant and does not enter the room.
(b) He is angry, pointing a gun at the others.
(c) He is out of breath.
(d) He is laughing.

2. What does Claire ask Tom to do in Act 2?
(a) Apologize to Harry.
(b) Go to India.
(c) Destroy the greenhouse.
(d) Be her partner so they can search for meaning together.

3. Who calls Claire unnatural?
(a) Tom.
(b) The doctor.
(c) Adelaide.
(d) Elizabeth.

4. What does Tom do when Claire tries to embrace him?
(a) He rejects her.
(b) He kisses her.
(c) He returns the embrace.
(d) He asks her to marry him.

5. When Claire and Tom are alone in the tower, what does Claire admit?
(a) She loves Dick and Harry.
(b) She loves Tom.
(c) She loves Anthony.
(d) She loves only her plants.

6. During the embrace, what complaint does one character make about the others who have left the room?
(a) They don't appreciate her plants.
(b) They complain too much about temperature.
(c) They will give her nothing.
(d) They are always late to dinner.

7. What is Claire unable to explain regarding her experiment?
(a) There is hope in growth.
(b) She wants the experiment to fail.
(c) She wants to create a never-before-seen color.
(d) She does not understand why the flower isn't blooming.

8. Who enters the room after the doctor gives his advice?
(a) Claire.
(b) Tom.
(c) Dick.
(d) Adelaide.

9. How does Elizabeth respond to Adelaide's accusations?
(a) She faints.
(b) She is not present during the accusations.
(c) She cries.
(d) She defends Claire.

10. Who will be a guest at dinner?
(a) A doctor.
(b) A divorce attorney.
(c) A botanist.
(d) A minister.

11. What is the first character onstage in Act 2 doing?
(a) Browsing through a book of drawings.
(b) Praying.
(c) Singing.
(d) Working with plants.

12. Which character has the last name of Edgeworthy?
(a) Tom.
(b) Dick.
(c) Anthony.
(d) Harry.

13. Which man loves Claire for her exterior self?
(a) Harry.
(b) Tom.
(c) Dick.
(d) The doctor.

14. Who first joins Claire and Tom in the tower room after she goes back upstairs?
(a) Dick.
(b) Adelaide.
(c) The doctor.
(d) Harry.

15. Who tells Claire about the dinner guest?
(a) Adelaide.
(b) Tom.
(c) No one.
(d) Harry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which is the best description of Dick?

2. What is the doctor's last name?

3. Which is the best description of Tom?

4. What does the setting in Act 2 symbolize?

5. Which is the best description of Harry?

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