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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Elizabeth?
(a) Harry's daughter from a previous marriage.
(b) Claire's daughter from a previous marriage.
(c) Harry and Claire's daughter.
(d) Claire's sister.

2. What is the first thing the audience sees in Act 1?
(a) A telephone.
(b) An unusual-looking plant.
(c) A blizzard.
(d) A greenhouse.

3. Which is the best description of Hattie?
(a) A house guest.
(b) A gardener.
(c) Wife of Harry.
(d) A maid.

4. What does Tom advise Harry to do?
(a) Find out who Claire's lover is.
(b) Let Claire go on as she is.
(c) Divorce Claire since he no longer loves her.
(d) Destroy the plants.

5. What does the second house guest do when he sees that no one can help him enter the greenhouse?
(a) Drops the breakfast supplies.
(b) Drops the shaker.
(c) Pretends to shoot himself.
(d) Pretends to shoot out the greenhouse door.

6. Which is the best description of Claire and Elizabeth's reunion?
(a) They laugh together at a private joke.
(b) They embrace awkwardly.
(c) They stay on opposite sides of the room.
(d) They tend plants together.

7. What does Claire try to explain to the men over breakfast?
(a) Why there is no heat in the house.
(b) Why she is unhappy in her marriage.
(c) The joy of letting things grow without restriction.
(d) Why she doesn't spend more time with her daughter.

8. Which character joins the first character after the curtain opens for the second time in Act 1?
(a) Claire.
(b) Hattie.
(c) Anthony.
(d) Harry.

9. What is the special plant about to do?
(a) Go to seed.
(b) Flower.
(c) Die.
(d) Be transplanted.

10. What is Elizabeth's philosophy regarding new plant varieties?
(a) She likes only roses.
(b) Plants should never be hybridized.
(c) Anything new should be better.
(d) New plants are always exciting.

11. What are Anthony's specific instructions?
(a) Kill the special plant.
(b) Keep salt away from the special plant.
(c) Keep the special plant alive at all costs.
(d) Hide the special plant from Harry.

12. What is the special plant in the greenhouse called?
(a) "The Breath of Life."
(b) "The Edge Vine."
(c) "The Breath Vine."
(d) "The Edge of Death"

13. Who is the first character to come onstage in Act 1?
(a) Claire.
(b) Anthony.
(c) Harry.
(d) Hattie.

14. When the curtain opens for a second time in Act 1, what is the scene?
(a) Outdoors in a blizzard, with a greenhouse visible.
(b) The interior of a greenhouse on a sunny, snowy morning.
(c) A room in a tower.
(d) An unusual plant in a shaft of light.

15. What does Claire want Elizabeth to do regarding the plants?
(a) Not get involved.
(b) Tend all of the plants.
(c) Tend only the special plant.
(d) Wait until tomorrow to see what will happen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Tom intend to go?

2. What does Tom confide to Dick?

3. Who worries that the cold weather will have adverse effects on the plants?

4. In the second part of Act 1, who enters after Harry exits?

5. Why can't the second house guest enter the greenhouse?

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