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Objective: Act 1 At the beginning of the play, the stage is set with a single plant highlighted by a bright beam of light shining up from a trap door, along with the sound of wind. No characters are onstage. This lesson examines the dramatic impact of light and sound in this scene.

1) Class Discussion: How does Act 1 open? Describe the visual and audio imagery. What mood is created by the single spotlight on the plant, along with the sound of wind?

2) Small Group Discussion: Why does Glaspell choose to have no characters onstage when the curtain opens?

3) Short Essay: From what direction does the beam of light emanate? Why is this important to the scene?

4) Homework: The plant appears onstage in a beam of light, not anchored to any surroundings, but surrounded by darkness. Write an essay describing the symbolic effect of displaying the plant in total...

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