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Act 1

• The first scene of Act 1 opens with a beam of light coming from a trap door in the stage, shining on an unusual plant.

• Everything else onstage is dark, with only the sound of wind.

• A buzzer sounds in a definite pattern.

• Anthony, a gardener, enters from the trap door and answers a telephone.

• Anthony's phone conversation indicates that the weather is getting worse and that Anthony is to check the room's temperature to protect the plants.

• Anthony descends back into the trap door and the curtain closes.

• The curtain opens for the second scene of Act 2, with the interior of a greenhouse on a sunny, snowy morning.

• One huge plant, clinging to the back wall, dwarfs all of the others.

• Anthony goes about his work in the greenhouse.

• A buzzer sounds, but not in the same pattern as before, and Anthony ignores it.

• Harry, the man...

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