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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Wilson asks Pearl who made her, what does she answer?
(a) That a stork had delivered her.
(b) That her mother had picked her off a rose bush.
(c) That Hester had made her alone.
(d) That Dimmesdale is her father.

2. What, at the end of Chapter 11, is the "only truth" for Dimmesdale?
(a) "The malice in Chillingworth's eyes."
(b) "The joy in his beating heart."
(c) "The anguish in his inmost soul."
(d) "The mercy of almightly Heaven."

3. "Hester at her WHAT" is the title of Chapter 5?
(a) Confession.
(b) Needle.
(c) Bedside.
(d) Wit's End.

4. Who is the patient referred to in the title of Chapter 10?
(a) Chillingworth.
(b) Dimmesdale.
(c) Bellingham.
(d) Leech.

5. According to Hawthorne, the reaction could not have been more violent if...?
(a) He had burned down the Custom-House.
(b) He had committed adultery.
(c) He had kidnapped someone.
(d) He had murdered someone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are Dimmesdale's parents?

2. What quiets Pearl in this when she wants something from the governor's garden?

3. What is the title of Chapter 3?

4. Salem is characterized currently as....?

5. In what point of view is "The Custom House" written?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Hester refuse to do during this chapter 3, despite pressure from her neighbors?

2. Describe the clothing worn by the "throng of bearded men" at the beginning of Chapter 1.

3. What does Hawthorne find alongside the scarlet letter?

4. Why does Dimmesdale not see through Chillingworth and understand his true (nefarious) agenda, according to the narrator in Chapter 10?

5. Of all the finery in the governor's mansion, what does Pearl cry for most of all?

6. What has happened to the original spirit of the town of Salem, as in, to the legacy of the original founders?

7. What kind of skill does Hester use to support herself?

8. Why is "The Leech" an appropriate and significant name for this chapter?

9. In Chapter 2, why might it be Mistress Hibbins who would be in the jail?

10. Name one of the two reasons Hawthorne suspects that the plant standing outside the prison survived.

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