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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who, in Chapter 5, is referred to as "the figure, the body, the reality of sin?"
(a) Hibbins.
(b) Pearl.
(c) Dimmesdale.
(d) Hester.

2. In what point of view is "The Custom House" written?
(a) Third person, limited.
(b) Third person, omniscient.
(c) First.
(d) Second.

3. How old is the baby in Hester's arms when we first see her?
(a) Three months.
(b) Six months.
(c) A week.
(d) Three days.

4. What quiets Pearl in this when she wants something from the governor's garden?
(a) Her obedience to Hester.
(b) The appearance of the governor.
(c) The gardener gives her what she wants.
(d) Her nanny.

5. When the doctor gives Hester something to drink, what does she think is in the cup?
(a) Poison.
(b) A truth serum.
(c) Wine.
(d) Water.

6. At the governor's house when the men are debating Hester's custody, what does one of them say Pearl should have been named?
(a) Pinkie, Cora or Rosa.
(b) Ruby, Coral or Red Rose.
(c) Scarlet, Rose or Diamond.
(d) Ruby, Scarlet or Roseanna.

7. The title of Chapter 8 is the what and "the Minister?"
(a) The Elfin and the Minister.
(b) The Elf-Child and the Minister.
(c) The Miniature and the Minstrel.
(d) The Minstrel and the Minister.

8. What does Hawthorne find in a "mysterious package" in the Custom-House?
(a) The scarlet letter.
(b) Dimmesdale's diary.
(c) A painting of Hester and Pearl.
(d) Hester's diary.

9. The title of Chapter 4, "The Interview," refers to the meeting between which two characters?
(a) Chillingworth and Bellingham.
(b) Hester and Chillingworth.
(c) Chillingworth and Dimmesdale.
(d) Hester and Dimmesdale.

10. Which character says, ironically, "why should a wretched man, guilty, we will say, of murder, prefer to keep the dead corpse buried in his own heart, rather than fling it forth at once"?
(a) Wilson.
(b) Chillingworth.
(c) Hester.
(d) Dimmesdale.

11. What is the shape of the hats worn in the "throng"?
(a) Cone.
(b) Derby.
(c) Steeple.
(d) Pillbox.

12. What is the title of Chapter 3?
(a) The Recognizance.
(b) The Recognition.
(c) The Meeting.
(d) The Resistance.

13. How does Hawthorne metaphorically refer to the United States government in "The Custom House"?
(a) Washington.
(b) The golden eagle.
(c) Uncle Sam.
(d) Big brother.

14. What street runs outside the Custom-House?
(a) Main Street.
(b) High Street.
(c) Salem Road.
(d) Derby Street.

15. Chose which of the following best describes the tone in the last sentence of Chapter 1?
(a) Ambivalent.
(b) Bright.
(c) Sunny.
(d) Somber.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is described as a/an "intolerant brood?"

2. Which part of The Scarlet Letter does this preface specifically refer to?

3. Chillingworth has a degree from a university in which country?

4. How many years after the founding of Boston does Chapter 1 take place?

5. Why does Hawthorne refuse to change what he has written?

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