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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which plant is NOT mentioned in Chapter 1?
(a) Milkweed.
(b) Pigweed.
(c) Apple-peru.
(d) Burdock.

2. What is one of Chillingworth's distinguishing physical features?
(a) He is lame in his right leg.
(b) His left eye droops.
(c) He is missing most of the toes on his left foot.
(d) One of his shoulders is higher than the other.

3. What color is the thread that embroiders the scarlet letter?
(a) Gold.
(b) Silver.
(c) Black.
(d) Red.

4. Hawthorne utterly disclaims what kind of motives?
(a) Spiritual and political.
(b) Petty and partisan.
(c) Personal and politcal.
(d) Personal, legal and moral.

5. How does Hawthorne metaphorically refer to the United States government in "The Custom House"?
(a) Uncle Sam.
(b) Big brother.
(c) The golden eagle.
(d) Washington.

6. The title of Chapter 9 ("The Leech") refers to which character?
(a) Hester.
(b) Chilingworth.
(c) Pearl.
(d) Dimmesdale.

7. To whom does this description refer: "a seemingly careless arrangement of his heterogeneous garb"?
(a) Bellingham.
(b) Dimmesdale.
(c) Wilson.
(d) Chillingworth.

8. Which political party does Hawthorne belong?
(a) Whig.
(b) Tory.
(c) Republican.
(d) Bull Moose.

9. What was the door to the jail made of?
(a) Oak.
(b) Birch.
(c) Maple.
(d) Mahogany.

10. Who, in Chapter 5, is referred to as "the figure, the body, the reality of sin?"
(a) Hester.
(b) Pearl.
(c) Dimmesdale.
(d) Hibbins.

11. According to Hawthorne, the reaction could not have been more violent if...?
(a) He had murdered someone.
(b) He had kidnapped someone.
(c) He had committed adultery.
(d) He had burned down the Custom-House.

12. The title of Chapter 4, "The Interview," refers to the meeting between which two characters?
(a) Chillingworth and Bellingham.
(b) Hester and Dimmesdale.
(c) Chillingworth and Dimmesdale.
(d) Hester and Chillingworth.

13. Whom do Dimmesdale and Chillingworth see out the window at the end of Chapter 10?
(a) Their own reflections.
(b) Hester and Pearl.
(c) Just Hester.
(d) Just Pearl.

14. Where was Reverend Dimmesdale trained in religion?
(a) Cambridge.
(b) Oxford.
(c) Harvard.
(d) Princeton.

15. When Wilson asks Pearl who made her, what does she answer?
(a) That her mother had picked her off a rose bush.
(b) That a stork had delivered her.
(c) That Hester had made her alone.
(d) That Dimmesdale is her father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which description does not apply to Dimmesdale?

2. How does Hawthorne describe the historic Salem of years ago?

3. The tone of this preface is best described as...

4. The "public disapprobation" refers to...?

5. What kind of men are rare in the colony, according to the narrator?

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