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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the father of the Custom-House?
(a) Hawthorne's grandfather.
(b) Uncle Sam.
(c) General Miller.
(d) The permanent Inspector.

2. What does Hawthorne find in a "mysterious package" in the Custom-House?
(a) A painting of Hester and Pearl.
(b) Dimmesdale's diary.
(c) Hester's diary.
(d) The scarlet letter.

3. Salem is characterized currently as....?
(a) Bustling.
(b) Desolate.
(c) Busy.
(d) Dramatic.

4. What color is the thread that embroiders the scarlet letter?
(a) Black.
(b) Red.
(c) Silver.
(d) Gold.

5. Chillingworth is described as which of the following in Chapter 11?
(a) Warlock.
(b) Mage.
(c) Spellcaster.
(d) Magician.

Short Answer Questions

1. The title of Chapter 4, "The Interview," refers to the meeting between which two characters?

2. What facial expression of Chillingworth displays his true malice, which the narrator calls "his blackness" in Chapter 14?

3. What are the spikes on the door to the jail made of?

4. What kind of men are rare in the colony, according to the narrator?

5. The following description of clothing belongs to which community leader: "a dark feather in his hat, a border of embroidery on his cloak, and a black velvet tunic beneath"?

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