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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the door to the jail made of?
(a) Mahogany.
(b) Oak.
(c) Birch.
(d) Maple.

2. Which description does not apply to Dimmesdale?
(a) Weak frame.
(b) Nervous temperament.
(c) Healthy.
(d) Sensitive.

3. The title of Chapter 9 ("The Leech") refers to which character?
(a) Dimmesdale.
(b) Chilingworth.
(c) Pearl.
(d) Hester.

4. When Wilson asks Pearl who made her, what does she answer?
(a) That Hester had made her alone.
(b) That Dimmesdale is her father.
(c) That a stork had delivered her.
(d) That her mother had picked her off a rose bush.

5. How many years after the founding of Boston does Chapter 1 take place?
(a) Approximately 15 or 20.
(b) Approximately 50 or 60.
(c) Approximately 150 or more.
(d) Approximately 90 or 100.

Short Answer Questions

1. The title of Chapter 5 refers to what?

2. Hawthorne writes of his surprise and what in the first lines of the preface?

3. What is the title of the first chapter?

4. Which plant is NOT mentioned in Chapter 1?

5. What color is the thread that embroiders the scarlet letter?

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