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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hawthorne refuse to change what he has written?
(a) He has made too much money from it.
(b) He enjoys the notoriety.
(c) He wants to hurt the victim of his wit.
(d) He thinks it is true.

2. Which part of The Scarlet Letter does this preface specifically refer to?
(a) "The Custom-House."
(b) The climax.
(c) The denouement.
(d) "The New England Holiday,"

3. Hawthorne calls the Custom House a...?
(a) Sketch of old-time Salem.
(b) Sketch of official life.
(c) Portrait of the Puritans.
(d) Picture of the colony.

4. Who was the father of the Custom-House?
(a) General Miller.
(b) Hawthorne's grandfather.
(c) Uncle Sam.
(d) The permanent Inspector.

5. Who thinks that Hester's punishment/sentence is too light?
(a) The children of town.
(b) The men of town.
(c) The ministers.
(d) The women of town.

Short Answer Questions

1. What street runs outside the Custom-House?

2. Hawthorne writes of his surprise and what in the first lines of the preface?

3. What symbol of the United States hands in front of the Custom-House?

4. Which political party does Hawthorne belong?

5. What is the shape of the hats worn in the "throng"?

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