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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the shape of the hats worn in the "throng"?
(a) Steeple.
(b) Pillbox.
(c) Derby.
(d) Cone.

2. What does Hawthorne find in a "mysterious package" in the Custom-House?
(a) A painting of Hester and Pearl.
(b) Dimmesdale's diary.
(c) The scarlet letter.
(d) Hester's diary.

3. According to Hawthorne, the reaction could not have been more violent if...?
(a) He had committed adultery.
(b) He had murdered someone.
(c) He had kidnapped someone.
(d) He had burned down the Custom-House.

4. What is the subtitle of "The Custom-House"?
(a) A Novel of Morals.
(b) A Preface.
(c) A Play in Four Acts.
(d) Introductory to The Scarlet Letter.

5. Which political party does Hawthorne belong?
(a) Bull Moose.
(b) Whig.
(c) Republican.
(d) Tory.

Short Answer Questions

1. What street runs outside the Custom-House?

2. What color is Hester's hair?

3. One person suggest that Hester should have an iron brand burned where?

4. Against whom is Hawthorne alleged to harbor a "peculiar malevolence"?

5. What prominent wild plant grows just outside the door to the jail?

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