The Scarlet Letter Character Descriptions

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Governor Bellingham - This person represents an actual historical figure who was in charge of the colony.

Roger Chillingworth - This person is a physician.

Arthur Dimmesdale - This person is a young, charismatic minister at the center of this novel.

The Goodwives - These people believe the magistrates have been too easy on the accused woman and suggest branding or execution as appropriate punishments.

Mistress Hibbins - This person, who makes several provoking, although short, appearances in the novel, represents an actual historical figure, who was executed for witchcraft in 1656.

Pearl - The person is the result of the crime at the center of the novel.

Hester Prynne - This person is the protagonist of the novel.

The Shipmaster - This person gives the daughter a long gold chain at the end of the novel.

John Wilson - Another historical figure, this person prods the town...

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