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• Introduction to this "second edition" where Hawthorne introduces himself as narrator and talks about the first edition and its reception.

• Hawthorne characterizes William Lee, the Permanent Inspector, as a creature without intellect.
• Hawthorne has been fired for a minor scandal.

The Custom House

• Hawthorne addresses the reader about his time working in the Custom House.

• He presents a caustic view of Salem, which was once a vibrant wharf.

• His portrait of William Lee is a biting commentary; his portrait of the General is more flattering.
• He finds papers of Jonathan Pue, a former surveyor.

• Among the papers he finds a red cloth, which he puts on his chest and burns supernaturally.

• He also finds a roll of paper with the story of Hester Prynne.

Chapter 1

• Citizens of Salem stand outside the prison.

• The narrator plucks a rose from the wild rosebush growing outside the door.

• The narrator...

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