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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Fag headed at the end of the scene?

2. Who is Bob Acres?

3. Who has Mrs. Malaprop been corresponding with?

4. Why is Sir Absolute in Bath?

5. When was the prologue added?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Julia ask the audience about a comedy?

2. What does Julia say in response to Faulkland's story?

3. Where does Lucy meet Sir Lucius?

4. When was the prologue added to the play?

5. What does Lucy contemplate as she waits for Sir Lucius?

6. What does Mrs Malaprop inform Jack of?

7. What does Mrs. Malaprop misuse often?

8. Is Jack excited that Lydia turns out to be his betrothed?

9. Why is Mr. Faulkland worried about Julia?

10. Where does Jack wait for Faulkland?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

1. What is unconditional love?

2. What are the types of love that are represented in the play?

3. What characters represent the different types of love in the story

Essay Topic 2

18th century gender roles are examined in the play.

1. Compare and contrast the life of a woman and man in the 18th century

2. How does Sheridan shatter or stay true to gender roles?

Essay Topic 3

1. How do the characters manipulate each other in the play?

2. Name two characters that use manipulation throughout the play.

3. Explain why they are they way they are.

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