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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Julia take Faulkland back?
(a) Because she sees he is not so sullen at the duel.
(b) He begs her for forgiveness.
(c) He is sullen.
(d) She wants to be with him.

2. What did Sherdian experience in his own life?
(a) sickness.
(b) the love of women.
(c) dueling.
(d) writing poetry.

3. What is amazing in this scene?
(a) How Jack can constantly surpirse his father .
(b) Where the duel is taking place.
(c) That no one is speaking up to understand what is going on.
(d) That a smart man like Sir Anthony can always be fooled .

4. Does Mrs. Malaprop decide to forgive Jack?
(a) Yes because she thinks it was funny .
(b) No because she thinks it was a dirty prank .
(c) No, she wants more of an apology.
(d) Yes; she knows that men like pranks.

5. What does Sir Anthony believe about Julia and Faulkland?
(a) Faulkland will not change.
(b) Faulkland will leave Julia.
(c) Jack would have been a better husband.
(d) That Julia will mend Faulkland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can't Lydia see through her anger?

2. What does Acres call David?

3. Was Sheridan familiar with courting practices of the time?

4. Who tries to talk Acres out of the duel?

5. What does Beverly boast about in his letters?

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