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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Jack a contrite son?
(a) He pretends to be happy.
(b) He chooses to not listen to his father.
(c) He shows his sadness.
(d) He is not contrite at all.

2. Who has Lydia lost?
(a) her mother.
(b) her dog.
(c) Ensign Beverly.
(d) Aunt Malaprop.

3. Why is Mr Faulkland so sad?
(a) He thinks Julia is not doing well.
(b) He is sad to hear that Julia is happy.
(c) He misses Julia.
(d) He misses his freind Jack.

4. What was occurring in English culture and literature as Sheridan wrote the play?
(a) A new styles or wiriting plays.
(b) When Sheridan wrote THE RIVALS, there was great debate about what type of drama should fill the English stage.
(c) The Black Plague totally killed the evolution of culture.
(d) The fashions and styles.

5. What will Lydia lose if she marries Beverly?
(a) Her mind.
(b) Her inheritance.
(c) Her sassiness.
(d) Her independence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lucy receiving bribes for doing?

2. What does Jack claim his new desire is?

3. Where does Act II begin?

4. How long has Julia loved Mr. Faulkland?

5. What movement was Sheridan a part of?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Lydia happy to discover that she can now marry her Beverly?

2. Who often gets in Lucius' way?

3. Why is Faulkland worried?

4. Who does Captain Absolute bribe?

5. Where does Jack wait for Faulkland?

6. Who presents the prologue of the play to the audience?

7. Why has Lucius come to Bath?

8. When Jack does speak, what does he do?

9. How does Sheridan immediately begin his story?

10. Why does Mrs Malaprop interrupt the meeting?

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