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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Acres call David?
(a) a coward.
(b) a brother.
(c) a close friend.
(d) a good servant.

2. How do the women stop the fight?
(a) They throw themselevs in front of others .
(b) They let the men fight .
(c) Lydia claims she will only marry Jack.
(d) They appeal to the men with their womanly wiles.

3. Where does Scene 4 take place?
(a) At Jack's home.
(b) In Lucius' lodgings.
(c) At Sir Anthony's house.
(d) In Acres' lodgings.

4. What had Acres not considered concerning the duel?
(a) He might kill someone.
(b) That he might die.
(c) He does not know how to hold a gun.
(d) That David would not be there .

5. Why does Jack refuse to speak?
(a) His throat hurts.
(b) He feels self conscience.
(c) Because Lydia will know that Jack is Beverly.
(d) Jack is not in this scene.

6. Where does Acres send David?
(a) To buy new clothes.
(b) To see Lydia.
(c) To the post office.
(d) To get Jack.

7. Where does Act 4, Scene 2 begin?
(a) At the duel site.
(b) In the park.
(c) Mrs. Malaprop's house; Lydia's room .
(d) At Sir Anthony's house.

8. What is Acres discussing with his servant?
(a) his new past time.
(b) His dapper new clothes.
(c) his school.
(d) Lydia's beauty.

9. Where will the duel be held?
(a) Stone Park.
(b) Tower Meadow.
(c) King's Mead Fields.
(d) Hallows Hills.

10. What does Lucius start with Jack?
(a) a quarrel .
(b) a freindship.
(c) a meeting .
(d) a conversation.

11. Why is Mrs. Malaprop concerned that Lydia is speaking well of Beverly?
(a) She hates Beverly.
(b) Because she believes Jack and Beverly are two different people.
(c) She wants Lydia to marry Jack.
(d) She is not concerned at all.

12. What does the audience begin to wonder?
(a) Why Jack has told the truth.
(b) How the three men will resolve their love quarrels.
(c) Why Lydia does not choose her own husband.
(d) Why the three men do not communicate better.

13. Has Sheridan ever killed someone?
(a) Yes he posioned his wife.
(b) No.
(c) Yes in a duel.
(d) No he was never in a duel.

14. What does Julia do when she finds out that the lie was a test?
(a) Throws her arms around Faulkalnd.
(b) gives up .
(c) She breaks off the engagement because she cannot stand the testing.
(d) fleas the scene.

15. What else does Acres ask of Jack?
(a) For him to be his second in the duel.
(b) For Jack to get him a new outfit.
(c) For him to be a great friend.
(d) Jack's opinion on his new clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack propose to Mrs. Malaprop?

2. Has Jack's ruse failed?

3. What does Lucius mention while leaving the scene?

4. How does Julia react to Faulkland's fake news?

5. What is funny about this situation?

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