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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sir Anthony think of the ruse his son has put on?
(a) He thinks Lydia is a silly girl to not love his son.
(b) He does not understand why Jack has played the trick.
(c) He hates Jack for the prank.
(d) He thinks it's funny.

2. What did Sherdian experience in his own life?
(a) the love of women.
(b) writing poetry.
(c) dueling.
(d) sickness.

3. What does Lydia throw at Jack?
(a) All of Jack's letters.
(b) One of her romance novels.
(c) The picture she thought was of Beverly.
(d) Her necklace Jack gave her.

4. What do the women decide to do?
(a) Stay at home.
(b) Create a diversion.
(c) Care for each other.
(d) Go to the duel site and stop the men from killing each other.

5. What is amazing in this scene?
(a) That no one is speaking up to understand what is going on.
(b) That a smart man like Sir Anthony can always be fooled .
(c) How Jack can constantly surpirse his father .
(d) Where the duel is taking place.

6. What does Jack say he will call Acres?
(a) Flailing Bob.
(b) Flagging Bob.
(c) Fighting Bob.
(d) Failure Bob.

7. Why does Lydia refuse to see Sir and Captain Absolute?
(a) She cannot get over her ego.
(b) Because she swears her love to Beverly.
(c) She feels sickly.
(d) She hates herself for misunderstanding Jack.

8. Does Mrs. Malaprop decide to forgive Jack?
(a) No because she thinks it was a dirty prank .
(b) No, she wants more of an apology.
(c) Yes; she knows that men like pranks.
(d) Yes because she thinks it was funny .

9. Who does Jack pretend to be as he sees his father arrive?
(a) Mr. Dwight.
(b) Mr. Anderson.
(c) Mr. Sanderson.
(d) Mr Hughes.

10. What is funny about this situation?
(a) Jack is Beverly.
(b) Beverly does not exist.
(c) Acres is extremely serious.
(d) Acres cares more about his clothes than his life.

11. What can't Lydia see through her anger?
(a) That Beverly and Jack are actually the same man.
(b) She is too influenced by what she reads.
(c) That Jack loves her .
(d) She has no imagination.

12. How would Sir Lucius like to settle the quarrel?
(a) a freindly game .
(b) with an intervention.
(c) an honest conversation.
(d) In a duel.

13. What does the audience begin to wonder?
(a) Why Jack has told the truth.
(b) Why Lydia does not choose her own husband.
(c) How the three men will resolve their love quarrels.
(d) Why the three men do not communicate better.

14. What does Jack persuade Lydia to do?
(a) not marry Jack.
(b) be his mistress.
(c) run away with him .
(d) not marry Beverly.

15. What is Acres discussing with his servant?
(a) Lydia's beauty.
(b) His dapper new clothes.
(c) his school.
(d) his new past time.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lydia feel about the situation?

2. Where will the duel be held?

3. What does the viewer wonder?

4. How does Acres want to approach the duel?

5. Where does the Act 4, Scene 3 open?

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