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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mrs. Malaprop tell Jack about?
(a) Jack's rival, Beverly .
(b) Lydia's incompetence.
(c) Lydia's love for romance novels.
(d) Lydia's love for letters.

2. What does Lydia throw at Jack?
(a) Her necklace Jack gave her.
(b) One of her romance novels.
(c) The picture she thought was of Beverly.
(d) All of Jack's letters.

3. What does Julia do when she finds out that the lie was a test?
(a) fleas the scene.
(b) She breaks off the engagement because she cannot stand the testing.
(c) Throws her arms around Faulkalnd.
(d) gives up .

4. What can't Lydia see through her anger?
(a) She is too influenced by what she reads.
(b) She has no imagination.
(c) That Beverly and Jack are actually the same man.
(d) That Jack loves her .

5. Where does Jack wait for Faulkland?
(a) On the North Parade.
(b) on the beach .
(c) On the South Parade.
(d) In the park.

6. What word does Mrs. Malaprop misuse in this section?
(a) poppy.
(b) pinnacle.
(c) pinkberry.
(d) Popsicle .

7. Who writes the challenge to Beverly?
(a) Jack Absolute.
(b) Acres.
(c) Lucius.
(d) Faulkland.

8. What is amazing in this scene?
(a) How Jack can constantly surpirse his father .
(b) That no one is speaking up to understand what is going on.
(c) That a smart man like Sir Anthony can always be fooled .
(d) Where the duel is taking place.

9. Where are all the main characters at the end of this scene?
(a) On their way to the duel.
(b) At the park.
(c) Enjoying a drink with each other.
(d) on a boat.

10. Has Sheridan ever killed someone?
(a) Yes he posioned his wife.
(b) No he was never in a duel.
(c) Yes in a duel.
(d) No.

11. Why is Mrs. Malaprop concerned that Lydia is speaking well of Beverly?
(a) She is not concerned at all.
(b) Because she believes Jack and Beverly are two different people.
(c) She wants Lydia to marry Jack.
(d) She hates Beverly.

12. Which scene is the most comical?
(a) Scene 4.
(b) Scene 3.
(c) Scene 1.
(d) Scene 2.

13. What does Acres call David?
(a) a good servant.
(b) a close friend.
(c) a coward.
(d) a brother.

14. Why does Julia take Faulkland back?
(a) He is sullen.
(b) She wants to be with him.
(c) He begs her for forgiveness.
(d) Because she sees he is not so sullen at the duel.

15. Who does Jack pretend to be as he sees his father arrive?
(a) Mr Hughes.
(b) Mr. Anderson.
(c) Mr. Dwight.
(d) Mr. Sanderson.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the Act 4, Scene 3 open?

2. What does Julia's letter say?

3. What does Beverly boast about in his letters?

4. What does the viewer wonder?

5. What did Sherdian experience in his own life?

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