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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lydia feel like she was treated?
(a) Like a child.
(b) As though she has no feelings.
(c) Like a smart woman.
(d) Like a teenager.

2. Who is Sir Lucius looking for?
(a) Lydia.
(b) Sir Absolute.
(c) Mrs Malaprop.
(d) Captain Absolute.

3. What is funny about this situation?
(a) Beverly does not exist.
(b) Acres is extremely serious.
(c) Jack is Beverly.
(d) Acres cares more about his clothes than his life.

4. Where does Acres send David?
(a) To buy new clothes.
(b) To see Lydia.
(c) To the post office.
(d) To get Jack.

5. What is Jack ready to do?
(a) Leave the country.
(b) Court Julia.
(c) Cut his own throat.
(d) Beg for Lydia to come back to him.

6. What does the viewer wonder?
(a) Where Jack is going.
(b) How Acres feels.
(c) How Sheridan feels.
(d) What Jack is thinking.

7. What is Acres discussing with his servant?
(a) His dapper new clothes.
(b) his school.
(c) his new past time.
(d) Lydia's beauty.

8. What does Lucius prompt Acres to do?
(a) Fight for the heart of Lydia.
(b) Leave London.
(c) Declare a duel on Beverly.
(d) Go after Julia.

9. Where does Act 4, Scene 2 begin?
(a) At Sir Anthony's house.
(b) Mrs. Malaprop's house; Lydia's room .
(c) In the park.
(d) At the duel site.

10. Why does Lydia refuse to see Sir and Captain Absolute?
(a) She hates herself for misunderstanding Jack.
(b) She cannot get over her ego.
(c) She feels sickly.
(d) Because she swears her love to Beverly.

11. Why is Lydia stunned to meet the new suitor?
(a) She wants to die a widow.
(b) Beverly seems to be her new suitor .
(c) She was never supposed to marry anyone.
(d) She wishes she was with Acres.

12. Why is Faulkland afraid to open Julia's letter?
(a) He is scared she may be dismissing him.
(b) He thinks she will not forgive him.
(c) He thinks she will forgive too easily.
(d) Julia never wrote a letter .

13. Where does the Act 4, Scene 3 open?
(a) On the beach.
(b) At a horse show.
(c) On the North Parade.
(d) In the park.

14. What had Acres not considered concerning the duel?
(a) That David would not be there .
(b) That he might die.
(c) He does not know how to hold a gun.
(d) He might kill someone.

15. What does Julia's letter say?
(a) She wishes to speak to Faulkland .
(b) She is worried for herself.
(c) That she completely forgives Faulkland and must see him as soon as possible.
(d) She is worried for Faulkland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the women decide to do?

2. Who does Acres get to deliver the challenge?

3. What did Sherdian experience in his own life?

4. What is Jack's explanation for his sword?

5. What does Jack realize about Lydia?

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