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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does not exist in this play?
(a) Deep meaning or morals.
(b) truthful characters.
(c) kind witnesses.
(d) A sassy tone.

2. Who does Lucius kiss?
(a) Julia.
(b) Lydia.
(c) Mrs. Malaprop.
(d) Lucy.

3. What is Lucy receiving bribes for doing?
(a) Keeping secrets .
(b) Plotting Lydia/Beverly elopement and delivering messages from Beverly to Lydia.
(c) Having an affair with Jack.
(d) Creating stories about the people around her.

4. What makes Julia cry?
(a) Faulkland's indifference.
(b) Faulkland's hounding.
(c) Jack's inability to love her.
(d) Her brother's death.

5. What does Mrs Malaprop misuse all the time?
(a) sentences.
(b) people.
(c) words.
(d) prepositions.

6. How is Jack a contrite son?
(a) He shows his sadness.
(b) He is not contrite at all.
(c) He pretends to be happy.
(d) He chooses to not listen to his father.

7. What other word does Mrs. Malaprop's note confuse?
(a) life and love.
(b) liked and loathed.
(c) wrong and right.
(d) superfluous with superficial.

8. What news does Lucy give Fag?
(a) She would like him to court her.
(b) Jack Absolute and Beverly are rivals for Lydia's hand.
(c) She has many people she bribes.
(d) She is having an affair with Lucius.

9. When was the prologue added?
(a) when the play premiered.
(b) as an afterthought.
(c) This prologue was added after the show re-opened and had reached its tenth night.
(d) 10 years after the play premiered.

10. Where is Lucy at the beginning of Act 2 Scene 2?
(a) In a carriage.
(b) On the corner of Thompson & Frank Ave .
(c) In Stone park.
(d) North Parade in Bath

11. What does Lydia think of Mr. Faulkland?
(a) He loves Lydia very much .
(b) He is attractive.
(c) She thinks he is jealous and ungrateful.
(d) She thinks he is romantic.

12. Where does Act II begin?
(a) In Captain Absolute's lodgings.
(b) In the park.
(c) In Mrs Malaprop's house.
(d) in Sir Anthony's house.

13. Who is Bob Acres?
(a) A friend of Faulkland's.
(b) A suitor for Julia.
(c) A rival of Faulkland's.
(d) A rival of Beverly Ensign's.

14. Is Jack interested in his father's description of Lydia?
(a) Jack would rather speak about fighting.
(b) Yes very much so.
(c) He acts as though he is not.
(d) No he is not at all.

15. What can Sheridan be found guilty of?
(a) writing a horrible play .
(b) making the audience feel morally inept .
(c) being a very sad drama.
(d) a bad atempt to please.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the play begin?

2. What type of love does Julia offer?

3. What tone is immediately set for the play?

4. What does Faulkland promise himself?

5. What is an empire?

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