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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Is Jack interested in his father's description of Lydia?
(a) No he is not at all.
(b) Yes very much so.
(c) He acts as though he is not.
(d) Jack would rather speak about fighting.

2. How does the play begin?
(a) With an attorney bribing a sergeant at law.
(b) In Bath on a sunny afternoon.
(c) With two lovers quarreling .
(d) At a party in London .

3. What is Faukland's love?
(a) self serving.
(b) meaningful.
(c) unconditional.
(d) lackluster.

4. Are Mr. Faulkland and Jack good friends?
(a) Yes.
(b) No.
(c) No, because the two were in a duel together.
(d) Yes, but onlyu because Jack feels bad for him.

5. Why does Lydia like Beverly Ensign?
(a) He tries to impress her with his poetry.
(b) He is sweet to her.
(c) Because he is ectremely rich.
(d) Because he is a poor soldier.

6. Where does Act I, Scene II take place?
(a) The dressing room of Lydia's Aunt Malaprop.
(b) In the living room.
(c) In Julia's bedroom.
(d) In Sir Anthony's town house.

7. What is Mrs. Malaprop's pen name?
(a) Delia.
(b) Darcy.
(c) Deanie.
(d) Dolores.

8. What does Faulkland lack?
(a) a sense of humor.
(b) the ability to be mad at Julia.
(c) realtistic romantic ideas.
(d) love for Julia.

9. What does Sir Absolute have for Jack?
(a) a solution.
(b) anger.
(c) a question.
(d) a proposition.

10. What will Lydia lose if she marries Beverly?
(a) Her inheritance.
(b) Her independence.
(c) Her sassiness.
(d) Her mind.

11. How long has Julia loved Mr. Faulkland?
(a) Since he rescued her.
(b) for a month.
(c) a couple of years.
(d) Since she was a child.

12. What does Julia fall in love with?
(a) Faulkland's hands.
(b) Faulkland's tragic romantic fantasies.
(c) Faulkland's eyes.
(d) Fualkland's words.

13. What does Faulkland promise himself?
(a) They he will never distress Julia again.
(b) He will continue to pester Julia.
(c) He will leave Julia.
(d) To court another woman.

14. What is tangled?
(a) the story.
(b) The web Sheridan weaves.
(c) Lydia's hair.
(d) Sir Anthony's words.

15. What news does Lucy give Fag?
(a) She would like him to court her.
(b) She has many people she bribes.
(c) Jack Absolute and Beverly are rivals for Lydia's hand.
(d) She is having an affair with Lucius.

Short Answer Questions

1. What tone is immediately set for the play?

2. What is Sir Absolute's ward's name?

3. What does Lydia think of Mr. Faulkland?

4. How does Act 3, Scene 2 begin?

5. What kind of comedy is this play?

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