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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What movement was Sheridan a part of?
(a) Shakespeare's time.
(b) to re-establish the Comedy of Manners as an acceptable and welcomed form of entertainment.
(c) The Renaissance.
(d) The Resistance.

2. What does Lydia think of Mr. Faulkland?
(a) He loves Lydia very much .
(b) He is attractive.
(c) She thinks he is romantic.
(d) She thinks he is jealous and ungrateful.

3. Where do the two servants meet?
(a) Ireland.
(b) London.
(c) Bath.
(d) the United States.

4. What does connive mean?
(a) To change.
(b) To con.
(c) To gather.
(d) To concentrate.

5. What does Lucy contemplate?
(a) How to find a husband.
(b) If Captain Absolute will also pay her for bribes.
(c) How to make more money.
(d) How to become a governess.

6. Who is Bob Acres?
(a) A rival of Faulkland's.
(b) A rival of Beverly Ensign's.
(c) A friend of Faulkland's.
(d) A suitor for Julia.

7. Where does Act I, Scene II take place?
(a) The dressing room of Lydia's Aunt Malaprop.
(b) In Julia's bedroom.
(c) In the living room.
(d) In Sir Anthony's town house.

8. Where is Lucy at the beginning of Act 2 Scene 2?
(a) North Parade in Bath
(b) In Stone park.
(c) In a carriage.
(d) On the corner of Thompson & Frank Ave .

9. How is Jack a contrite son?
(a) He pretends to be happy.
(b) He chooses to not listen to his father.
(c) He shows his sadness.
(d) He is not contrite at all.

10. Why is Acres confused with Faulkand's reaction to the news?
(a) They do not think it is manly that Faulkland cares.
(b) They assumed Faulkland and Julia are over.
(c) He thinks Faulkland should be happy to hear that Julia is well.
(d) Faulkland has no reaction to Juila's welfare .

11. What is an arranged proposal?
(a) When two people decide to marry.
(b) An arranged love match.
(c) Whe two people love each other very much.
(d) Marrying someone a person does not know or love.

12. Who intervened in Lydia's affairs with Beverly?
(a) Mrs. Malaprop.
(b) Her Unlce.
(c) Lucy.
(d) Jack.

13. How does the play begin?
(a) With two lovers quarreling .
(b) With an attorney bribing a sergeant at law.
(c) In Bath on a sunny afternoon.
(d) At a party in London .

14. Is Jack interested in his father's description of Lydia?
(a) Jack would rather speak about fighting.
(b) Yes very much so.
(c) No he is not at all.
(d) He acts as though he is not.

15. What is Thomas' occupation?
(a) slave.
(b) footman.
(c) butler.
(d) coachman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Lucy give Fag?

2. When was the prologue added?

3. What does the play exhibit?

4. Are Mr. Faulkland and Jack good friends?

5. What must Julia frequently do?

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