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Prologue Part 1

1. What play is this for Richard Sheridan?
(a) His tenth.
(b) His first.
(c) He is not the author of this book .
(d) His second.

2. How does the play begin?
(a) At a party in London .
(b) With two lovers quarreling .
(c) In Bath on a sunny afternoon.
(d) With an attorney bribing a sergeant at law.

3. What does the attorney hand to the sergeant at law?
(a) a piece of paper.
(b) a present .
(c) some chocolate.
(d) a stick of gum.

4. What does the sergeant at law claim when he is given this item?
(a) He would like another peice of chocolate.
(b) He wishes for more money .
(c) He would like to quit his job.
(d) That he cannot see the paper.

5. How does the lawyer get the sergeant at law to accept the paper?
(a) He slips money to the sergeant at law.
(b) He invites the sergeant at law to dinner.
(c) He offers to marry his daughter.
(d) He promises to invest in the sergeant at law's business.

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