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Objective: Sheridan shows he is willing to laugh at himself and is not above bribing the audience to enjoy his play. This self-deprecating humor served him well because THE RIVALS got off to a rocky start. Sheridan openly welcomes his critics in the beginning of the play, often this is very difficult for writers and authors to do.

1. Write a brief poem. When you are done, pass it to a partner to review for critique.

2. Class Discussion: How does it make you feel when someone looks over your work? Scared, excited, fearful?

3. Debate: Is it important to be able to openly take critiques from other people? Why or why not?

Homework: Begin writing your own prologue. When you are done, have your parents look over it and give comments. Write down their notes and have a dialogue about their suggestions,


Objective: Sheridan enjoys setting up a...

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