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Tommy Orange
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Tony Loneman

This character self-associates with the phrase "The Drome," due to unique facial characteristics resulting from fetal-alcohol syndrome. This character, a Cheyenne, has struggled with prejudice and put-downs due to appearance.

Dene Oxendene

This character wins a grant for his video project to record Native American stories from a range of people. This character was inspired by a beloved uncle who liked making films and died as a result of alcoholism.

Opal Viola Victoria Bear Shield

This character works as a postal carrier and cares for a half-sister's three grandsons. This character harbors a number of superstitions, some of which are focused on the significance of numbers.

Edwin Black

This half-white, half-Cheyenne character has earned an advanced degree but is long-unemployed until landing a job as a powwow organizer. This character also struggles with an addiction to the Internet. This character uses the Internet to search for, and...

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