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Alex Kotlowitz
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Fall 1987 - Spring 1988, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the boys hurry home from the tracks as the sun goes down?
(a) the area is too dangerous at night
(b) their parents will be worried
(c) a train is coming
(d) they might get lost

2. What does Lafeyette hear someone was doing when he got his legs run over by a train?
(a) sleeping
(b) hunting for snakes
(c) walking on the railroad ties
(d) hopping a moving box car

3. Where does Bird Leg get food for his pets?
(a) dead rats in the project
(b) trash bins behind a Kentucky Fried Chicken
(c) pet food he shoplifts
(d) left overs at home

4. When another person is killed, why do Lafeyette and Pharoah refuse to go to the funeral?
(a) They did not like the dead boy.
(b) They had nothing good to wear.
(c) They are still raw from Bird Leg's funeral.
(d) They had made plans to go to the tracks.

5. Why does Lafeyette not want to play basketball with the project boys?
(a) They cheat.
(b) They might try to recruit him into a gang.
(c) They are all older than he is.
(d) They play too rough.

Short Answer Questions

1. What seriously haunts Lafeyette?

2. How does James say they will all die?

3. What do the children call the Henry Horner Homes?

4. What impediment gets worse in Pharoah after all the summer violence?

5. How is Bird Leg killed?

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