Objects & Places from There Are No Children Here

Alex Kotlowitz
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Henry Horner Projects

The Chicago housing projects where Pharoah and Lafeyette Rivers grow up and where their mother has lived since she was four-years-old.

The Rivers Apartment

On the first story of an eighteen-floor high rise, it is occupied by six to thirteen family members and others at any given time and is in dire need of many repairs.

The Railroad Tracks

The place near the Horner Homes where Pharoah finds a sense of peace and tranquility when he ventures there with his brother and friends.

Damen Court

Pharoah's secret place where he often goes to be alone and daydream.

The Boys Club

It is a safe after school place that hosts many events for local youth.

Chicago Stadium

Where Lafeyette and Pharoah make a little cash watching parked cars for people attending the game.

Henry Suder Elementary School.

Where Lafeyette, Pharoah and the triplets are enrolled.

Department of Public Aid

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