The Pearl Character Descriptions

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Apolonia - This character has a big jiggling stomach and four children.

Coyotito - When this character is stung by a scorpion, the resulting medical emergency prompts this indivual's parents to reach beyond their station in life.

The Doctor - This character is known as the "lazy" man of the village, who thinks only of Europe and dreams, with "eyes rolled up a little in their fat hammocks," of returning there.

The Gate Keeper - When a character comes to the Doctor for medical help, it is this man who refuses him.

Juan Tomas - The main character's brother and nearest neighbor, this man looks out for the main character.

Juana - This character's reactions are those of the instinctual mother, and her life is devoted to her duties to her husband and child.

Kino - This character is a primitive character who will fail to benefit...

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