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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Zeus receive as a reward in 'Theogony' for murdering Cronus?
(a) Rain and hail.
(b) Thunder and lightning.
(c) Snow.
(d) Tornados and hurricanes.

2. Who is referred to as the old man in 'Theogony'?
(a) Nereus.
(b) Hercules.
(c) Plato.
(d) Strife.

3. In 'Theogony', which sons does Heaven hate?
(a) Cottus, Briareos and Gyes.
(b) Brontes, Steroppes and Hera.
(c) Phoebe, Tethys and Arges.
(d) Zeus and Apollo.

4. Who gives birth to Heaven, Hills and Pontius?
(a) Chaos.
(b) Earth.
(c) Night.
(d) Moon.

5. What are the names of the Cyclopes?
(a) Brontes, Steroppes and Hera.
(b) Phoebe, Tethys and Cronos.
(c) Brontes, Steroppes and Arges.
(d) Phoebe, Tethys and Arges.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Heaven hide the sons she hates in 'Theogony'?

2. Who is Zeus' first child?

3. In 'Theogony', who does Zeus honor above all the other Gods?

4. What do Chimaera's heads look like?

5. How does Hesiod explain in 'Theogony' that Aphrodite is formed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who gives birth to Cronos? Describe Cronos' personality.

2. In 'Theogony', how is it that Ocean's daughter Styx comes to live in the house of Zeus?

3. In 'Theogony', who delivers princes to the mortals?

4. Who does Hesiod tell the Muses to sing about at the end of 'Theogony'?

5. Which God is responsible for holding up the heavens?

6. Describe Medusa and her death according to 'Theogony'.

7. Who does Hesiod claim gave him his voice in 'Theogony'?

8. Why does Zeus punish Prometheus in 'Theogony' and what is the punishment?

9. Whose conception does Hesiod describe at the start of 'Theogony'? What are the details of this conception?

10. Who does Hesiod write in 'Theogony' is responsible for putting singers on earth?

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