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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One of Heaven's sons greatly injures her in 'Theogony.' What does the blood of Heaven form after the betrayal?
(a) Erinyes and Nymphs
(b) Zeus.
(c) Erinyes, Giants and Nymphs.
(d) Night and Day.

2. In 'Theogony', who does Zeus honor above all the other Gods?
(a) Apollo.
(b) Styx.
(c) Zeus.
(d) Hecate.

3. Who is referred to as the old man in 'Theogony'?
(a) Hercules.
(b) Nereus.
(c) Plato.
(d) Strife.

4. Who does Prometheus steal for in 'Theogony'?
(a) Muses.
(b) Gods.
(c) Humans.
(d) Animals.

5. How does Prometheus try to fool Zeus in the poem 'Theogony'?
(a) He wears sheep's clothing.
(b) He tries to overthrow him.
(c) He unevenly distributes food.
(d) He slips him some wine.

6. Who kills Chimaera?
(a) Hercules.
(b) Pegasus and Bellerophone.
(c) Apollo.
(d) Permethus.

7. What creatures are above Typhoeus' neck?
(a) Lions and tigers.
(b) Fish and sharks.
(c) Dogs and cats.
(d) Snakes and dragons.

8. Apollo and the Muses give a gift to humans in 'Theogony'? Why did they give this gift?
(a) To make beauty.
(b) To give them knowledge.
(c) To entertain them.
(d) To end sorrow.

9. Who eats Prometheus' liver?
(a) Hercules.
(b) A tiger.
(c) An eagle.
(d) A bear.

10. Who is Hecate the nurse of?
(a) The young.
(b) The old.
(c) The sick.
(d) The sad.

11. Who gives birth to Ceto, Eurybia and Nereus?
(a) Ocean.
(b) Lake.
(c) Pool.
(d) Sea.

12. In 'Theogony', which sons does Heaven hate?
(a) Phoebe, Tethys and Arges.
(b) Brontes, Steroppes and Hera.
(c) Zeus and Apollo.
(d) Cottus, Briareos and Gyes.

13. Who is the father of gods and men?
(a) Crius.
(b) Zeus.
(c) Lapetus
(d) Hera.

14. In 'Theogony', where does Zeus' mother hide him?
(a) In a palace.
(b) In a cave.
(c) In a tree.
(d) In the ocean.

15. Why, in 'Theogony', is the woman whose guile is not to be withstood by men created?
(a) As the price for water.
(b) Because man is bored.
(c) Because Zeus is bored.
(d) As the price for fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Goddess, according to 'Theogony', has privileges amongst the heavens, earth and sea?

2. In 'Theogony', why do the Gods choose Zeus to rule them?

3. According to 'Theogony', who springs forth from Medusa's wounds?

4. According to Hesiod's poem 'Theogony', how does Cronus try to prevent Heaven and Earth's prophecy?

5. Where does Zeus tie Prometheus?

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