Theogony and Works and Days Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who does Hesiod claim gave him his voice in 'Theogony'?

Hesiod claims in 'Theogony' that the Muses gave him his divine voice.

2. Who does Hesiod give praise to at the start of 'Theogony'? Who is this person?

Hesoid gives praise to Zeus at the start of 'Theogony'. Zeus is the God of thunder.

3. Whose conception does Hesiod describe at the start of 'Theogony'? What are the details of this conception?

Hesiod tells the story about the conception of the Muses. Zeus and Mnemosyne sleep together for nine nights and she conceives and bares nine daughters

4. In 'Theogony', which Muse does Hesiod deem the most important and why?

Hesiod claims in 'Theogony' that Calliope is the most important of the Muses. This is because she feeds dew to certain princes to give them the power to settle disputes.

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