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Lesson 1 (from Theogony)



This book is written by Hesiod. Hesiod was an oral poet and thought to be one of the first economists. Today's objective will study the life and works of Hesiod.


1) Class Discussion: This book is written by Hesiod, a Greek oral poet. Do you know anything about the author, Hesiod? What from the title do you gather is Hesiod's area of study or interest? What do you know about Greek poets and philosophers?

2) Group Research project: Research, via the internet or at the library, the history of Hesiod. Hesiod and Homer are two of the most influential Greek poets. It is estimated that Hesiod lived in 800 B.C. Information should include his early years, his written works, his philosophies and his death. Ask the students to present information to the class.

3) Individual Creative Writing: Write briefly on what events or philosophy in Hesiod's life...

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